Rivercess County Senior Senator J. Jonathan Barney, currently in court for refusal to dowry his dead fiancée, says there is no records that he had married dead bodies ever in his entire life.

“I’m a very rational person; educated and not one of those fools to talk rubbish”, he said in direct response to reporters’ enquiry as to why he did not want to dowry his late fiancée Cecelia Boe as being demanded by family of the deceased in fulfillment traditional practice.

“People [are not interested in] knowing the truth, but just want to write in the paper and talk; but I don’t address nonsensical issue”, a rather enraged Senator Barney said.

But Representative Baron Brown, a member of the Boe Family, maintained the family has evidence that Barney paid dowry for their first daughter, who lived with the Senator up to his death.

Speaking to reporters outside court after his testimony Wednesday, Barney said the court shall decide today whether or not the dead body will be turned over to the Boe Family.

But Grand Bassa County Representative Baron Brown, a relative of the deceased countered the Senator’s refusal to honor the request of the family by legalizing his loving relationship with their dead daughter, Cecelia Boe.

Said Brown: “Senator Barney lives in the past, and he lives in the present with the past”.

He noted that in 1983, Senator Barney took hold of the late Cecelia Boe as his wife without legitimazing her status, and termed as “an expensive joke”, claims by Senator Barney that he allegedly married Cecelia from a mad only identified as Henry.

“Granted that Henry is the granter, and if we challenge him; he should have used Henry as evidence to substantiate that indeed, Barney has title of this girl because I gave her hand out in marriage, but up to now, Barney has not proven that to the public,” Representative Brown added.

He said the Boe Family wants to legitimize the status of children left behind by the late Cecelia Boe as well as make sure their tradition is respected by the payment of her dowry



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