The report showed that out of the eight mobile phone models tested, LG’s G Flex performed best with its 3,500mAh (miliamp hour) battery, suffering only a 3 per cent drop in performance over a two-year span – which was created in a laboratory setting.

The battery originally held a charge for eight hours and 40 minutes, which fell to eight hours and 23 minutes after two years’ worth of use.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 – LG’s competitor on its home turf – with its 2,800mAh battery, lost 12 per cent of its charge, from nine hours 31 minutes new down to eight hours 22 minutes.

Apple’s iPhone 5S and its 1,560mAh battery lost 13 per cent of its charge, from five hours 50 minutes down to five hours three minutes… see more

source: businessinsider