Lexus, the luxury car division of Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp., recently announced that it was producing a new “vehicle” for transport, albeit one with only two wheels, yet still targeting big spenders. Limited to only 100 units worldwide, the car maker is selling a bicycle that features some of the same materials that were used in Lexus’ flagship LFA supercar, namely carbon fiber. The price? A staggering 1 million yen (approx. US$10,000).

Lexus ended production of the LFA sports car late last year, only two years after its introduction. For those who never had the chance to order one from their local dealer, or cough up the dough for the $375,000 base price, the new F-Sport Roadbike could just be the next best thing. Toyota says the bike’s wheels and transmission are made by Shimano Inc., a high-quality bicycle parts maker in Japan. The company adds that the bike is so good, it could be used for racing, able to hold its own against a LFA on the track, no doubt.


While the idea of a car manufacturer making and selling a bicycle, one that costs $10,000 no less, might seem a bit bizarre, several luxury and sports car makers from Germany, including BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz, have already released bikes in the Japanese market at prices between 400,000 and 810,000 yen ($4,000 – $8,100). These companies are looking for new markets to expand into, especially where there are opportunities for customers to get a taste of the technology and quality they put into their automobiles.

source: japandailypress