The world of coding has opened up a world of possibilities for many people of so many different backgrounds. Becoming part of this trend can benefit you and your family. Whether you have a degree in one of the engineering or science disciplines, a liberal arts degree, or even no degree at all, you too can reap the rewards from learning to read and write code for your current job or for a new venture. This is because coding is a skill set that has found many applications in the world.

Whether it’s big industrial machinery, financial institutions, health care providers, security and home automation, a robotics project for school, a mobile app, or even a personal website, many different programming and scripting languages have made it possible to transform the world virtually. Just by editing source code in subtle ways you can change the characteristics of a system or a website. By changing the instructions written to an automobile’s engine control module, this can increase the horsepower output. Robots for welding operations can be reprogrammed to manufacture a totally different product. This same principle holds true for applications around the home and even with respect to personal computers and mobile devices. Oh yeah, this is a skill set you can learn.

Why Learn to Code: Part of it is Money

Learning to code is akin to acquiring a superpower. Yes, it has the benefit of helping you learn to think better, and you can develop better interpersonal skills. This is also a skill that still has yet to be demystified by much of the world’s population. Besides the benefit of knowing something that makes you appear more intelligent, there are also benefits to your work situation.  

If it’s for any reason to consider how learning to code will benefit you and your family, consider the employment prospects. The most immediate would be gaining skills for your current job. Did you know some employers will give you a pay raise because you have become that much more valuable of an employee by learning how to code? Or, maybe you’re not happy with your current job situation. Perhaps you believe it is best to move on to another job or career.

Education is not required

The process of learning to code does not require going back to school for any specific degree. Sure, there are degrees available for those who would prefer. In truth, you can find many reputable online resources to learn coding. They range from free to premium content, and many of these tutorials and lessons will equip you with the skills to land a new job within a few months. Plus, chances are that job may pay more than your last one or give you the freedom to work more flexible hours or even work remotely. That’s right, remotely.  

Though many tech companies will provide their on-site employees with perks like catered lunches, munchies, and other goodies, there is still something to be said about the remote work environment. With many of the popular programming and scripting languages all you need is a working computer with the programming environment and a reliable internet connection. The remote environment lends you the opportunity to more readily work as a freelancer or to even start a business of your own and travel the world. There are many possibilities, and they can be seen by learning to code.

Learn to Code!

Learning to code is a transformative skill that can prove indispensable for you and your family. Whether you’re just trying to put up a website to everyone your previous family vacations or if you’ve decided to move up at or move on from your current position, learning to code makes this possible. Without any special tools, you can help create something through coding that did not previously exist, and you can build a better life for you and your family.


by: Dennis Hung