Please grant me sensitivity to the needs of others,  a compassionate
heart and a temperate tongue.  Let your spirit enable me to practice
the power of gentleness.   Be gentle with one another,  be sensitive.

“Things happen because we choose it.  There maybe regrets but blaming
is not an option.  We are where we are because we brought ourselves
there.  We get happy,  we get sad, but most importantly,  we learn and
never lose hope.”

Truth may be stretched but cannot be broken and always gets above
falsehood, as does oil above water.

If other people will tell you that you can’t dance,  by all means,
dance!  We have hidden talents and potentials,  just let it go and you
will see an extra ordinary YOU!

Appreciate today with a smile of thanks … for a NEW day.

Love makes us smile all the way.

We have our own circles in life, our comfort zones or spaces – but
never a barrier when it comes to love.

Time and space are no barriers in everything that we love do.  But
most of all,  because I cherish you in my heart,  now and forever.
Sweetheart,  remember,  when there is LOVE there is no distance
between us.   I LOVE YOU so much.

I love you honeybabe.   You are the love of my life.  You are part of
me as life itself.  We coexist together as we travel in our journey of

Enjoy life moment by moment as it becomes moment of memories.

Love is the essence of life.

“Only you can free yourself,  forgive yourself,  trust yourself  –
and walk yourself into the peace,  happiness,  freedom,  fulfillment
and passion that lives in the light of your own heart!”

Never be  ashamed to weep because it only frees your mind  and soul
from sad thoughts. Tears are precious just like diamonds but it feels
better if you let it go once in a while to ease your heart.

Anyone can choose the course of their life,  but only happy people do it.

I think of you when I go to sleep.   I think of you when I wake up in
the morning.  I think of you wherever I go, whatever I do and whatever
or whoever you are.   I simply think of you 24/7 because you are the
love of my life,  the every breath I take.  You are simply amazing!!!
I need you because I love you.

Take control of your life and just be yourself.

Loving someone like you spells the big difference in my life.   You
are the lovely oasis in the desert of my life.

Never ever compromise your principles in order to gain favors of
important people.

Never compromise your dignity to gain wealth and power.

Never twist the truth and make the good sound bad and bad sound good.

Realization came with a rush … you are my everything!  When you said
you love me all I can say is “thank you”  because am speechless just
staring at you!

“Love is so short,  forgetting is so long.”   Love while you may.



By:  Margie Gellor Villanueva