If the rumors are to be believed, Samsung is planning a fall launch of the Galaxy F to put a superphone right on Apple’s doorstep when they launch the iPhone 6. Since one cannot survive on rumors alone, here’s some photos of the hardware.

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is already a hit, but it is also already being outclassed by hardware like the LG G3. By the time the fall comes, several other companies will have updated their hardware lineup to outclass the S5 as well. Samsung’s usual maneuver is to launch an update to the Galaxy Note line, but it looks like there’s going to be something else happening around that time. The Galaxy S5 Prime has been whispered about for months now, but that name has been scrapped for the Galaxy F — an Android phone that will keep Samsung on pace with everyone else in the market this fall.

To be clear, the Galaxy S5 is not lacking in any way. It’s a beautiful phone with more than enough hardware under the hood, and a software experience that you either love or can’t stand. The Galaxy F is looking to take that experience and upgrade the Snapdragon 801 to an 805, as well as drop in a 2560 x 1440 resolution display.

There’s some obvious questions about power consumption that haven’t been answered yet, and these are all the exact same rumors we heard about the Galaxy S5 late last year, so while it’s important to remember that grain of salt in your pocket, there does appear to be some photographic evidence this time… see more

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