Soft-boiled egg lovers are about to find their breakfasts revolutionised by the Dippy Egg, a product that promises to turn out a perfect yolk consistency every time.

The Dippy Egg is aimed at taking the frustrating gamble out of getting the egg yolk soft enough for dipping soldiers but still properly cooked.

The new product is still in the testing stages but is due to launch in September.

Manufacturer Pork Farms use the sous vide process to pre-cook a pasteurised whole egg in its shell.

Sold in a pot, shoppers can then just simply pour boiled water over the egg, replace the lid and leave it for five minutes.

Even if forgetful chefs leave it for longer, the makers say the yolk will still not set.

Business development director Mark Hodson told The Grocer magazine, who had a preview of the product, that with the lid doubling up as an egg cup, it can be eaten easily and with minimal mess in offices.

He said that Dippy Egg was developed using similar technology to Marks & Spencer’s Gastropub runny Scotch egg, also by Pork Farms.

‘We are looking at innovation in traditional markets,’ Mr Hodson told The Grocer.

Pork Farms recently launched Scrummy Egg –a soft-boiled egg covered with chorizo and breadcrumbs for delis and farm shops, sold under new brand The Dorset Food Company.

source: dailymail UK