What Is Coding

One of the most in demand careers that is currently on the rise is coding. It is the process that is used for writing software. The employment department in Canada has made an estimation that over 50,000 new jobs will open up for coders or in relation to coders by 2024. The word coding can also be called computer programming. There are different types of coding programs or languages that are currently on the market. The most popular coding languages that electronic engineers prefer are python, C, java, Ctt, and C#. Each of these coding languages are very unique and comes with their own set of instructions. A programmer builds software using three different processes all at once and they are abbreviations, commands, and text arrangements.

Careers In The Coding Industry

There are currently many different types of careers that are available in the coding industry especially in the United States and Canada. The technology industry considers coding to be a tech skill but all industries hire programmers or coders. It is estimated that 97% of coders are full-time workers, 15% of coders are self-employed, and 18% of coders are in a programmers unions. The wage for coders is very good and it averages out to be about $35.90 per hour. If an individual is interested in becoming a coder there is two steps. The first step is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer science or some other related field. After an individual obtains the bachelor degree the next step will be to complete a coding bootcamp. A coding bootcamp is a course that lasts from 3 to 6 months and it is just a bunch of intense training programs designed to prepare an individual for the working world. Between the United States and Canada there are 82 cities that offer coding bootcamps. There are approximately 8 cities in Canada and 74 cities in the United States.

Tools That Assist With Coding

There are other Technologies available that supports coding and one of these technologies is called GitHub. You may be wondering,what is git hub?  GitHub is a code sharing and publishing service. GitHub is used to provide a web-based graphical interface and it provides various tools that can be used on a daily basis to assist with coding or any other project. This technology provides access control and several other collaboration features is that assist with making coding and other tasks simpler. The reason why GitHub is so beneficial to coders is because they can communicate with other coders, exchange information, and ask questions. Individuals in the technology and programming industry just refer to GitHub as a social networking site for programmers. One of the trainers at GitHub wants users and the general public to know that even though it is mostly used for coding it has other uses as well. GitHub can be used to manage other files such as Final Cut projects and Word documents in a very efficient manner.

 New Things A Programmer Should Know

There have been changes in the programming world from 2018 to 2019. One of the number one change that always is being improved upon is how to maximize one’s time. In order to accomplish this time saving goal the proper tools are needed. There is currently a few different technologies that are currently available to help accomplish the goal of time maximization. Some of the different programs that are currently available are ducker, javascript, go, augmented reality, and machine learning. The ones listed are just a few of the available technologies that help a programmer to maximize their time. Programmers have to be intentional and take the time to do the research to find out what works for them so they can be more productive in a short amount of time.

by: Walter Bodellby: