A federal judge has denied Lance Armstrong’s request to dismiss a $100 million fraud lawsuit filed against him last year by the U.S. government.

In an 81-page ruling issued Thursday, Judge Robert Wilkins allowed the government’s case to proceed, setting the stage for a long and expensive court fight against the disgraced cyclist, who stands to lose a fortune if the government prevails.

His attorneys had argued the case was too old to bring under the statute of limitations. They also argued that the government should have known about his doping but did nothing to stop it because the U.S. Postal Service cycling team greatly benefited from the positive publicity surrounding Armstrong’s success in the Tour de France.

“There could possibly be documents in the government’s possession suggesting that it had reason to know the cycling team was doping, despite the findings of the investigation by the French authorities,” Wilkins wrote. “If so, there may be force to the defendants’ argument that the government should have conducted its own investigation sooner, and that if it had undertaken such an investigation, it would have uncovered doping. But the Court cannot make that determination based on the present record and based solely on the allegations in the complaint, as required when ruling on a motion to dismiss. Accordingly, the Court denies without prejudice, the defendants’ motion to dismiss the government’s action as time-barred.”.. see more

source: usatoday