Thousands of revellers painted the town red at Spain’s annual La Tomatina festival, dubbed the world’s biggest food fight.

An estimated 40,000 people from across the globe descended on the small town of Bunol, near Valencia, to take part in the annual tomato-throwing feast of fun.
Over 100 tons of red fruit were pulped, squashed and pulverised on Wednesday as goggle-wearing participants gathered in the town’s main square.

‘I can’t throw fast enough. This is crazy. It’s my third year,’ one tomato soaked competitor said.
Another added: ‘It is a battle of crazy people, who get on together, and no injuries.’
The annual food fight has been held in the same town every year since 1945.

‘We don’t have much space but there is no other way,’ said Rafael Perez, spokesman for the town of 10,000 inhabitants.
Once the village’s cobbled streets are hosed down they return to their pristine condition with the acidity of the tomatoes acting as a disinfectant.