Many government departments are now verifying their Twitter accounts in a bid to defeat online rumor-mongers.
Although several government departments, leading personalities and sport figures already hold active Twitter accounts, some fake users choose profile pictures that are very close to the original accounts making it hard for followers to find the original profiles.
This is why verifying accounts has become a necessity for the Ministries of Commerce, Labor and Foreign Affairs and the Makkah governorate in addition to a number of prominent figures such as Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed, chairman of Al-Hilal Club, and Faiz Al-Maliki, a popular Saudi actor.
The Commerce and Labor Ministries have announced that they believe that a strong presence on social networking websites could spare them the efforts and resources spent on conventional media in squashing rumors.
The Ministry of Labor’s account (@mol_ksa) has more than 20,000 followers. The ministry tweeted that it had verified its account to increase its interaction with citizens and residents.
The ministry also stressed that there is no twitter account for Labor Minister Adel Fakeih.

source: arabnews