A number of businessmen are threatening to file a lawsuit against the Ministry of Labor and the Passport Department for what they insist is “the extremely slow pace of corrective procedures.”
Abdullah Radwan, chairman of the committee of contractors at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), said more than 50 percent of the construction companies had not been able to correct the status of their workers.
“Some small- and medium-sized construction companies are thinking along the lines of taking the government departments to court for urgent relief,” he said.
Radwan, however, admitted that it was a difficult task since the companies themselves were in violation of new labor laws.
Abdullah Al-Omari, who owns a medium-sized construction firm in Jeddah, said he is under immense pressure from all sides to rectify the status of his workers.
“However, it is very difficult to get things done because the Passport Departments are crowded and we have only three days left for the grace period to expire,” he said.
Al-Omari is among those who intend to file a court case against the Labor Ministry.
“The idea is to restrain them from conducting raids in such a difficult scenario,” he said, and added that the best solution is to extend the grace period.
The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) has already written a letter to the government urging it to consider extending the deadline.
In a letter addressed to the leadership, JCCI President Saleh Kamel said that failure to provide an extension would mean delays in completing several projects.

source: arabnews