A local market selling the clothing of the dead has become increasingly popular with the living, especially the poor.

Al-Sawareekh Souk (The Rocket Market) is one of the biggest and oldest markets in the Kingdom and has a huge used clothing section.

It is known locally as the “dead man’s” clothing market because most of the clothes on sale belonged to people who have passed away. The traders pile all the clothing on the ground and sidewalks.

Most of the traders are Africans who trade after Friday prayers. Saudis and expatriates often donate old clothes to these traders, especially those of their deceased relatives. Prices range from SR2 to SR100.
Saudis generally look down on these markets. They consider them the preserve of expatriates and the poor. “The market is crowded with people who want to buy used clothes,” said Abu Ruhman, a 53-year-old Yemeni who works there.

“Most of our customers are Asians and Africans and come here to buy gifts for their families back home. They come here because they can buy in bulk for cheap,” he said.

An Arab expatriate worker said the traders do not really know where most of the clothes come from. However, he confirmed that people whose relatives have died donated some clothes.. see more

source: arabnews