Around 50 percent of divorce cases are attributed to the absence of sexual awareness among the community, local media said quoting an academic. Mohammed Al-Saif, professor of social studies and research methodology at Qasim University, said a growing number of divorce cases have been attributed to intimacy problems.

He added that 40 percent of newly married couples experience problems related to sex. The professor called for the introduction of sexual education at male and female schools across the Kingdom within Islamic and socially acceptable norms.

Al-Saif indicated that most specialists are reluctant to discuss sexual and emotional problems encountered between married couples, focusing instead on “common” issues. He attributed the tendency to avert such discussions to prevailing Saudi traditions.

He added that sexual crimes registered the highest rates of documented crime in the Kingdom, according to data released by the General Presidency of the Promotion of Virtues and Prevention of Vices (GPPVPV) and the Ministry of Interior.

He stressed the importance of providing sexual education to students in order to raise awareness amongst the new generation.

source: arabnews