THE Kiwi oil rig worker who claimed to have seen missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 burst into flames the morning it disappeared has been fired for his report to authorities. New Zealander Mike McKay, who was working on an oil rig operating in the Gulf of Thailand, was so certain he saw the ill-fated flight on fire that he emailed his employers, urging them to forward the information on to authorities.

Unsure of whether the information was passed on, Mr McKay also emailed Vietnamese authorities and the NZ Embassy a few days later about what could have been the last chilling sighting of the missing jetliner.
“Gentlemen. I believe I saw the Malaysian Airlines flight come down. The timing is right,” he wrote.
“I observed (the plane?) burning at high altitude at a compass bearing of 265* to 275*”

Mr McKay said that after his incident report was leaked to the media, his contractor and rig owner, Songa Offshore, was inundated with calls which blocked their communications.

“This became intolerable for them and I was removed from the rig and not invited back,” he told the Sunday Star Times .

The drilling fluids consultant, who had worked in Vietnamese waters since 2008, said he was released from the rig five days early — but did get his full pay. “Contracts meant little in the oilfield,” he reportedly said. “The oil patch is a rough, unforgiving game.”

McKay also made a statement to New Zealand Police for Interpol when he got home, the Sunday Star Times reports. In his email to his employers on March 12 he claims he saw flames in the sky which quickly extinguished… see more