North Korean despot Kim Jong Un ordered one of his top military officials be dragged from his home and shot by firing squad for changing the words of a socialist anthem when singing karaoke. Kim was said to be furious after learning the man had changed the lines ‘thanks to our party’ to ‘thanks to your party’ and ‘Hate your enemies, love your country,’ to ‘Hate your wife, love your mistress’. The ‘Supreme Leader’ said that the move was sign of a rebellious spirit and the man was instantly dragged out of his home and put to death by firing squad the next day.

In South Korea it was suggested that the man had simply made a mistake in the wording in the first instance and had tried to make a joke in the second although it backfired badly after it was seen as lowering the moral standard by the supreme leader.

Only recently it was revealed that other former military leaders had also suffered firing squads fates after they were caught watching Western soap operas. It was believed the karaoke and singing patriotic songs was a relatively safe pastime, but even this now might be reviewed given the risk of death by firing squad for getting the lyrics wrong.

It comes as a European Union official confirmed that North Korea has invited the EU’s special representative for human rights to visit the country. A visit by Stavros Lambrinidis would be a significant step toward resuming a human rights dialogue between the EU and North Korea, which broke off previous talks in 2003. On Thursday, a North Korean diplomat to the United Nations told The Associated Press that the invitation had been sent. The EU official spoke Friday on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to comment. The EU has said Lambrinidis recently met with a Pyongyang representative.

source: Dailymail UK