KABUL: President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday praised Chief of Secretariat of the Independent Election Commission for unraveling a controversy over elections and helping resume the normal polls process.
“In spite of many challenges and the Taliban threat, Afghans partook in presidential runoff election to choose their next leader. Thus, the electoral bodies shall ensure transparency of the entire electoral process,” said a statement issued by the Presidential Palace, adding that the process must complete on scheduled deadline.
The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) also commended the resignation of Ziaul Haq Amarkhail and hoped his decision will help safeguard Afghanistan’s watershed political transfer.
UNAMA regarded Ziaul Haq Amarkhail’s resignation as a significant stride for transition of political power in Afghanistan, and emphasized that the decision can help the election process in the framework of Afghanistan laws.
In a press release, UNAMA said Amarkhil preferred the national interests over his personal benefits and his decision would help lead the ongoing democratic process towards success and to end the mistrust between the election commission and presidential runners. It also called on the two candidates to re-engage in the process and to respect the decisions of electoral bodies.
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah one of the pioneer runoff election candidates boycotted the ballot-counting process and said that he has lost trust on election bodies. One of his conditions was resignation or suspension of Mr. Amarkhil. Right after IEC secretary stepped down, Dr. Abdullah said that all those who are involved in electoral fraud should be taken responsible against the laws and regulations.
The secretary on Monday during his resignation announcement rejected all allegations regarding fraud in the election and said that he was resign for the sake of process to help the nation mission toward success and improvement.