KABUL: President Hamid Karzai urged media to work toward strengthening national unity in Afghanistan.
While talking to media-men on Tuesday here at the Presidential Palace, President Karzai stressed on constructive role of media in smooth conduct of presidential election runoff.
The president said that people in the first round of election voted for candidates of their choice, irrespective of their tribe or religion.
“Victory of either of presidential hopefuls is victory of Afghan nation. Thus, it’s our duty to support the next government of the country,” President Karzai added.
President Karzai said that Afghanistan would steer towards a more prosperous future under the next president of the country.
Media representatives hailed President Karzai’s efforts in promoting freedom of expression over the past 13 years. They termed the smooth conduct of the runoff election as vital for a strengthening democracy in the country.
Abdul Hamid Mubarez, Head of the Afghanistan National Journalists Union, said that journalists had fought 84 years for freedom of expression in Afghanistan, but the real progress was made during President Karzai’s era. “We now boast freedom of press superior than our neighboring countries,” Mubarez added.
In response to a query, President Karzai said, “One of my greatest achievements over the past 13 years is making Afghanistan home for all Afghans.”
President termed insecurity as a great challenge before law enforcement in the country.