Karen Elaine is a UK based writer, blogger and by profession a Teacher, recently we took her online interview  in which she shared her views about her up coming book :


Al-Rasub:  Tell us a bit about your early life and schooling.

Karen Elaine:  I was a bright child, but very tall and rather sensitive. I read voraciously, was creative and enjoyed writing stories, being particularly enchanted by the likes of Little Women and the Bronte sisters. I read Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier when I was about ten or eleven and was enchanted by its haunting and melodramatic themes. I was hugely imaginative and tormented my two sisters to play games in which we adopted assorted characters. In secondary school I initiated a game in which we were fairies, which sadly led to a considerable amount of teasing at the hands of my counterparts, and this was something that took a long time to shake off. I can’t say that I was particularly happy at school and I didn’t study. It sounds like a sad little tale but it made me strong and I returned to study later, and am friends now with some of my former tormentors.



Al-Raub:  When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer? What inspires you to write a book?


Karen Elaine:  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a writer, and have made many false starts. I have written many short stories in the past, and a teacher, have managed to use my creative energy to share knowledge. I made up stories for my children when they were little, and wrote comic poems about their antics as they were growing up. My children have inspired me, but for my first completed novel, I was inspired by a house that we were renovating. It was in such a state at the start, and I felt it smiling at me as we finished. I knew that I should bas a story on that, and came up with the idea of a dying house being saved.


Al-Rasub:   What is/are the title of your book the thought of it?


Karen Elaine: The title of the book is Sadie’s House, Book One,The Key and is the first of three. Sadie  is bereaved as her fiancé is killed. She is persuaded to take on a very old, seemingly enchanted house and restore it. But events lead to a frightening disappearance and a near disaster which could have catastrophic affects. It becomes clear that Sadie was meant to be at the house in more ways than she ever could have imagined, and a secret at the end reveals why.

Al-Rasub:  How long does it take you to write your first book? How many books have you written and what is your favorite?


Karen Elaine: I started to write this book in January 2012 and I am still editing. I love the story and believe in the book and out of all I have written over the years, this is certainly my favourite. I am looking forward to completing this one so that I can make a start on the prequel. Sadie’s House, Book Two, Albie’s Story, which charts the history of the house, describes its enchantment and Sadie’s connection with it.


Al-Rasub:  What / who are your target readers? Do you get feedbacks from your readers, What do they say?


Karen Elaine: My target readers are women who have enjoyed stories such as The Lake House, PS I Love You and similar romantic dramas. My book isn’t out there yet, I am hoping to drum up interest before it is even published, hopefully to assist in getting a publisher / agent or 1to assist with sales if I self-publish.


Al-Rasub:  During these days wherein almost everything can be found in internet, don’t you think that the traditional way of reading books is losing its importance and/or attraction?


Karen Elaine: Sadly yes. I love books, I am a tactile person who loves the look, smell and feel of them  and to me, this cannot be replaced by trying to follow words on a screen. Curling up with a piece of rechargeable apparatus does not hold the same appeal for me at all. I am from a generation that did not grow up with the technology that exists today, and

although I am comfortable with it, I do not depend on it. Nor so I subscribe to the instant gratification, must have society that means if I want a new book, I must download it right now. I will go and look at books, pick them up, read the first page and  the blurb and take my time deciding. However, in an ever busy world where cost and convenience are often the overriding factors, I can see how traditional reading will continue to slide in favour of the internet and e-books.


Al-Rasub:  Could you tell us something about your teaching experience?


Karen Elaine :  I teach 14-18 year olds. The subject I teach is Children’s Care and Development, which I  am very passionate about. It is a hugely varied subject, taking in topics such as Child protection, health and safety, play and planning for development, observations, psychology and food and nutrition, amongst others. I have taught for twelve years and love what I do, although I have to be honest here. I love writing even more.

Al-Rasub:  What are your immediate future plans?


Karen Elaine:  I have just changed schools and will work to meet my commitments there and ensure  the progress of students in my care. At the same time, I will be completing the editing of my first novel, and whilst I am trying to get that published, I will be working on my second.


Al-Rasub:  Can you tell us your favorite book and writer?


Karen Elaine: Rebrecca, by Daphne Du Maurier.


Al-Rasub:  What do you like to do aside from writing and still have free time?


Karen Elaine: I like to keep fit by going to the gym, and recently had a go at climbing with one of my  sons. I enjoy a good film, keeping my blog up to date and meeting with friends. I also enjoy travelling and camping with my family.


Al-Rasub: Would you like to leave any message for your readers ?


Karen Elaine:   I would love to have people read my blog, share it with others and generate a buzz  about my book in order to help to get it published. It would be great if others could be part of making that happen. There are some great messages in the book, some of which I am sharing in the blog, and I would love to have responses to my posts.


Karen Elaine can be be reached on following link:



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