He is one of the Jewish state’s best loved crooners, but Israel’s President has withdrawn an invitation for Amir Benayoun to perform at the presidential residence after he released a new song that depicts Israel’s Arab citizens as “scum” and murderers.

Mr Benayoun has received the support of many of his fans and of a government minister, Uri Orbach, who called President Reuven Rivlin’s move “a severe blow to freedom of expression and creativity”.

Mr Benayoun, 39, considered one of the most important voices to emerge on the Israeli music scene in the past 15 years, says his song “Ahmed Loves Israel” was written out of pain in response to a wave of attacks by Palestinians against Israelis that have shaken the country’s sense of security. The song’s main character, Ahmed, who purportedly represents the 1.5 million Arab citizens of Israel, pines for the day when he can kill Jews and bludgeon one in the back. ‘’Peace be upon you, my name is Ahmed and I live in Jerusalem’’

Mr Benayoun, who is of Algerian Jewish extraction, sings in his trademark Middle Eastern style: “I study in the university one or two things. I have the best of all worlds. Today I am moderate and smiling. Tomorrow I’ll fly to the heavens. I’ll send a Jew or two to hell. It’s true I’m just scum and ungrateful. It’s true but I’m not guilty. I didn’t grow up on love. It’s true the moment will come when you turn your back and then I’ll lodge the sharp axe in your back.”… see more

source: Independent UK