What is depression?

The depression is kind of medical illness which affect the way think and the way act. It is common in serious illness found in both human beings and the dogs. The victim of the depression will have sad feelings and will have very less or no interest in activities which he/she liked too much before the depression.

Can dogs be depressed?

It may be hard to believe that a creature so active and playful like a dog can also get depressed. It is so because the dogs are intelligent can undergo many emotions like men. This illness can affect both the dog and the dog parents for the same reason and same symptoms will appear in both.

What are the causes of depression in the Dogs?

The Depression is always caused by the major change in life, in case of the dogs that change could be the loss owner and loss of a canine companion. The dogs can even get depressed when you suddenly give them less attention along with this other causes of depression could be the shifting to a new place, major change in daily routine, an injury and buying a new pet to live with him.

What are the signs of depression in the dog?

The signs of depression in both Human beings and the dogs are similar. When a dog gets depressed he will become inactive and passive. The dog will lack the interest in sports and games and also will avoid participating in those activates which he loved most before. Even if you train a dog to do any tricks but when he gets into depression, he might avoid doing so.

Some of the dangerous signs of depression are:

Loss of appetite:

When your dog gets depressed, due to sadness he will stop eating which will result in weight loss. Which could be dangerous for dogs. More the weakness the dogs has more the dog will be prone to many diseases.

Sleeping beyond their normal time:

Basically, the dogs love to sleep most of the time but in case of depression, the sleep is extended to no limit as there is no other activity which will lead to worse results.

Loss interest in Activities:

The dogs are loved because of their loyalty, activeness, and playfulness. But in depression, all of them suddenly vanish.

Licking the paws:

Depressed dogs are always found licking and chewing their paws.

Hiding and Avoiding:

If your dog is depressed he will try to be alone all the time and will try to hide and will avoid playing or walking with you.

How to help a dog to recover from depression?

Have you ever think about your dog why he remains quite for all the time? And why your pet dog is avoiding from and what exactly made him behave like this?

You might be inattentive about him but these are all signs of depression, and this is all getting you into a big trouble, so don’t worry here some tips which may help you to overcome from it.

The solution for depression:

When your dog is in depression he behaves badly with you also avoids from you, it’s because he has something in his heart which is making him go freely into the world or it is resisting him to perform skills for that you don’t need to take your pet dog to a vet, this kind of suggestion I also recommend people that while you are in there is no need of taking medicines

Just follow these things.

Going out:

This is the first step of getting the ride from depression now you might be thinking how is it possible? Whenever you go somewhere or you go to your work by leaving your pet dog at home all alone, while that time your dog remains all the time quiet and never stops thinking about you.

For that you need to spend some time with your dog this will make him happy and your dog may be able to get rid of from depression, after all, that your dog is in depression there could be another reason.

Get him a companion:

This reason can also be a part of your dog’s depression and this sort of depression remains for a long time until you become able to know it must be filled by then, for that you got to do one thing bring another dog/puppy for your present dog it will help him to overcome from depression this is how it happens? Whenever you go out for a walk or into parks they start understanding each other and slowly and gradually your present dog starts forgetting his companion which you dog had lost before some days.

Even after all of that your dog is unable to conquer from depression then there is no need of doing anything else just take him to a vet and find out the solution of deep depression and your vet may also recommend you same thing that starts spending some time with your dog and make yourself close to your dog as much as you make it possible.

Author Bio: Kathie Lukas is a freelance writer. She’s a passionate pet lover her topic areas mostly cover pet health and pet grooming and loves to travel and has never ending love for food. She has completed her graduation in animal sciences from the Kansas state University. You can find her on twitter @iamkathilukas.