When Iran faces off against Nigeria for a June 16 match in the FIFA World Cup, fans in both teams’ home countries may be hard-pressed to find a public spot to watch the game.

In an attempt at crowd control, Iranian police banned cafes and restaurants from airing World Cup games, even Iran’s own matches, the BBC reported Tuesday, citing local media. The decision came just weeks after the country banned women from watching the games with men in public cinemas.

Though Iranian TV will still air the games, police told the Cafe Owners Union in Tehran to not tune in to broadcast matches.

Authorities in the northeast Nigerian city of Adamawa have ordered a ban on all public viewings of the games, citing the possibility of bombings during the events, per a separate report by the BBC. “Our action is not to stop Nigerians … watching the World Cup. It is to protect their lives,” Brigadier General Nicholas Rogers told reporters Wednesday.

The crackdown comes just a week after suspected members of Islamist militant group Boko Haram set off a car bomb, killing 18 people who were watching a televised match in a viewing center in Adamawa.

source: huffingtonpost