Please tell us about your school life and what is your date of birth?

I was born in Lahore, Pakistan in August 10, 1993. I went to Cathedral school and I really enjoyed my school life, you know as child we all enjoy our school days I am really missing those days as well.

When you started to play cricket?

I think I am playing cricket since I am in my senses, I am watching my father as cricketer since my childhood so, my interest was for cricket very much. I started to play cricket when I was in my school. In start I was use to play tape bowl then gradually I realized cricket is all about hard bowl then, I requested to my principal to start hard bowl in our school. As individual I had won many matches for my school.

Why you chose leg spin?

I always wanted to be like my father of course I can not be like him but I just copy him, he is my role model thats why I have chosen leg spin.

Who is your favorite player in current Pakistan cricket team?

I like Ahmad Shazad, Sharjeel Khan and Umar Akmal and Misbah-ul-haq.They are so passionate and they play for team.

Why our youngsters can not play leg spin properly? If you remember World Cup T20 14.

I think to play leg-spin instead of off spin, is more difficult. Players have to practice to face leg spinner.

What is more difficult? Leg-Spin or Off-spin?

Both are difficult sometimes, but I think a leg-spinner is more dangerous to play. He use his wrist to bowl which is quite difficult.

Why you are not in team Pakistan? What is the reason behind it?

I think I did not get a proper chance, tell you what my father was chief selector and I got 7 wickets against Zimbabwe Under-19 and chairman Ejaz Butt wanted me to play for Pakistan but my father denied. He said ”Usman is not ready for international cricket”. This is the most solid reason.

So, you are not in team Pakistan because of your father?

No no not at all, he just wants me to be ready for international level. He thinks I need more fitness and skills to play for Pakistan.

In 2013, there was a news that Australian cricket board wanted you in their team? Is it true?

Yes it is true, I was there in Australia playing their domestic cricket and I got many wickets in that season. Australian cricket board was so impressed with me they said to me we offer you to play for Australia and we will also give you Nationality. I said to them my father will do decision.

So what your father said?

He said ”you and me born to serve Pakistan”. You will only play for Pakistan. So I am happy with his decision.

Tell us your views about World Cup 2011 semi-final?

I think that was biggest match of history. I was sure Pakistan is going to win it but suddenly our batting line up did not work and we lose.

You mean Batting is only reason to lose Semi-Final?

I think, Pakistan could try Shoaib Akhar. Suppose if you are facing world fastest bowler then definitely you would be in pressure. If Pakistan allowed Shoaib Akhar to played then final result could be different.

Where you see Pakistan in World Cup 2015?

I think, Pakistan is favorite this time because we have a solid bowling line up and we have also some youngsters like Ahmad Shahzad and Umar Akmal.

Where you see your self in next five years?

I just want to focus on my cricket. I hope I will play cricket for Pakistan.

What do you do in free time?

I see movies in my free time. I also like to hang out with my friends.

Which is your favorite ground?

I really like Sri-Lankan ground (Kandy) its good to play, on the other side I have played a lot of cricket in Australia so there are also some beautiful grounds.

Who is the most consistent batsman in world?

Misbah-ul-haq, every time he scores for Pakistan. He is very good player and he know how to stay on wicket. He is also a good captain.

Which is your favorite actor?

I like Ranbir Kapoor.

Which is your favorite actress?

I really like Deepika Padukone.

Why you like Deepika?

Well, thats funny! You know her acting is so good, she was spectacular in Chennai Express.

Which is your favorite food?

I like spicy food. I love Biryani.

What is your hobby?

As such I do not have any specific hobby but I just like to watch movies in free time.

So, what you think which coach is suitable for Pakistan? A Pakistan or a foreign?

If you see the team of 1992 world cup, there were a lots of world class players they can coach Pakistan cricket team. Coaching is not about to tell how to hold the bat. Coaching is something like to buck up.

Foreign coaches are more expensive as well. So, Pakistan coaches are better.

Why our domestic cricket is not that strong?

I think, its the system. The problem is in the system, we need to make our system strong. PCB should pay the domestic player so they can also support their families which is most important thing more a male.

Usman, are you in hope to play for Pakistan soon?

Even I am ready to play for Pakistan. I think I have skills of international level. I have a lot of experience of Under-19 cricket and under-23.

Which is the most happiest moment of your life?

We were playing a match against Bangladesh. We were in chase situation, needed 18 runs in last over. I was with Hammad Azam and believe me I had not any hope to win but our player just smashed three sixes in first three bowls and we won that match. That was my best moment.

Which type of music do you like to listen?

I really like Romantic music. I just love romantic songs.

What are your goals of life?

I just want to serve my Pakistan and I am really in hope to play for Pakistan as soon as possible.

Well, in the last any message for your fans?

I just want to say, Always think positive, do corporate with other, help others and please talk in a good way with everyone

Thank you Usman Qadir for giving your precious time to Al-Rasub. We hope to see you soon to play for Pakistan cricket team.

Interviewed by: by Mohammad FurQan Bhatti
Writer is university student and Sports Journalist based in Pakistan