(NEWSER) – If you show up in your pajamas to meet the leader of the free world, it doesn’t usually go over very well. Unless you are the pint-sized toddler currently third in line to the British throne, in which case the entire segment of the population obsessed with all things royal heaves a collective squeal and races to buy the exact robe that you are wearing. Such is the case of Prince George, who was apparently allowed to stay up past his bedtime in order to meet President Obama when he and the first lady dined with his parents Friday, and was sporting $39 sleepwear that apparently sold out within minutes of the photo’s release, reports UPI.

“We can’t believe Prince George wore our robe to meet President Obama! Doesn’t he look adorable?!” My 1st Years wrote. “You guys have gone crazy for it & it’s already sold out.” The company quickly offered up the Prince’s Personalised Gingham Robe. As for Obama, Yahoo reports that the president called the young prince “adorable.”

source: newser