KABUL: National Directorate of Security (NDS) says insurgency is on the verge of collapse as most of the terrorist groups have been eliminated and dismantled by Afghan security forces over the past few months.
Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) disabled the insurgents groups and thwarted most of their plans during the first and second round of elections, said the NDS Spokesperson, Abdul Hasib Seddiqi. At a press conference here, he said insurgents and their affiliates had plans to disrupt the elections but failed drastically. The assault on insurgents including Taliban fighters has led to differences amongst the insurgent outfits. They are on the verge of collapse and can no longer resist Afghan security forces. The Taliban are losing, he said.
Seddiqi said most of their terrorist attacks were foiled during the April 5 and June 14 polls, and terrorist groups lost their credibility, and they are now incapable of staging attacks on the Afghan government or achieving their vicious goals.
NDS remarks come as some Taliban delinquents reportedly supported the elections and some of their affiliates attempted to derail the process. “This clearly demonstrates discrepancies among the Taliban and that they are no longer a united group and their leadership is divided into subgroups, said Seddiqi. Tens of possible terrorist attack plots were foiled and scores of terrorist groups busted and dismantled during the polling process, which showed how strong and reliable the Afghan security forces are, he concluded.