There are a lot of young Pakistani bloggers aiming to change the world’s view of Pakistan by their writing, but there is one who was ranked 54th in the world. Most of you may not know him, to you he might be just another name but consider it duty to help spread the word because if we, Pakistanis, remain unaware of such talent then so will the world. Let me give you a sneak peek into the life of this young blogger, Raafay Awan. He is a Pakistani (duhh!) living in Florida, USA. He studies Engineering (but says that that’s probably not the field he would go into). The rest that you need to know about him can be found on his blog Finding Neverland (ironic name, right?) or below in the interview that I got a chance to take.

Your dream is to be a “cricketologist”, what on earth is that?

Cricketologist is a term that I developed myself as someone who is a know-it-all at cricket I want to be the one who wants to know everything about cricket, from stats, to records to players to every match.

When did you come up with the term “cricketologist”?

I  came up with this term like 3 years back, just randomly on a day I was writing down a scorecard of a cricket match in my diary.

When or what event made you a cricket fanatic?

My family loves cricket a lot, but I used to play cricket in the streets and we used to play all day long, everyone there told me I am very good at playing so that’s how my love for cricket developed.

Your favorite bowler, batsman and fielder?

Wasim Akram, Saeed Anwar and Ricky Ponting.

Which cricketer is your favorite (as in his overall personality)?

I really am impressed by Saeed Anwar, not only because of his personality but because he is a left handed player just like me.

Have you ever watched the Pakistan cricket team play live in a stadium? If yes, what were your feelings because for any true cricket fan it’s a fairytale?

Yes I have been lucky enough to watch the matches live, and meet so many players as my grandfather is an ex Pakistani cricketer. The closest I have felt to amazing was during the World T20 final in England, which Pakistan won.

What made you choose engineering as the subject you wanted to study?

Nothing really, my parents wanted me to be a doctor and I didn’t want to spend all my life studying so I went for Engineering, I like it though, it isn’t as if I chose it by force.

What are your feelings towards the USA (considering you’re a Pakistani AND you live in the US which has created the most problems for Pakistan)?

As a normal person I like USA because people here treat you equally, no matter from where you are. It has a versatile culture, so many places to visit and so much to do, as a neutral I will say it is the best place to live, but as a Pakistani I know USA is creating so many problems for us and we have suffered a lot because of USA.

What is the one thing you hate about Pakistan?

One thing I hate about Pakistan is the Pakistani people who choose the wrong people to lead the country and don’t even stand for their rights.

What is the one thing you love about Pakistan?

Pakistan has so many things to love, countless! But then again the passion people show about Pakistan is the best thing.

If you could be someone for a day, who would you rather be and why?

I would like to be Alexander the Great, because I love history so much and it would have been fun to see how he actually led in the battles and conquered half the world all by himself.

What is the one thing you want to do before you die?

I want to set good examples in life for others so they remember me in good words, that is my main aim in life.

What do you think of people who give up on their dreams?

Nothing at all, I think if you give up on one dream you can dream another, but just that you should always try to make your dream come true, if you fail, it is alright.

Is dedication more important than hard work?

I think both, thought I think persistence is more important than both of these. 

What message would you give to other young bloggers who are writing with the same motive as yours?

Don’t hesitate in sharing what you write, I come across so many people who don’t share their work because they think it is not worth it, but trust me everything someone writes is worth reading. 

By:  Fatima Arshad