Education, whether one lives in the downtown of the most expensive city and country of the world or a rural area of a third world country, is equally important. Without the basis and platform of the right education system, a society can never thrive or develop in a modern and tolerant one. All the intolerance that we see today is largely attributed to the fact that our education systems are weakening down even in one of the most advanced societies of the world.

The focus on education, when it comes to priorities, is different in the first world and third world countries. You will never see people struggling their life out to make sure their children get educated in the third world country. Their preference is on survival and earning money, which are both short term ways of living and not the right way to grow. Education is far more important when a society is going through its struggling phase and development, which is why its importance becomes even more crucial in the third world societies. Today’s blog is going to talk about the reasons why education is so much more important in the third world countries.

Education Brings In Tolerance And Patience:

A third world society is always trying to get over one problem or another related to the unrest in the society or act of intolerance. When there is enough education around, it automatically brings in patience and tolerance to the individuals who are living in the society. They start to understand the concept of co-existing together and respecting the needs and behaviors of everyone who is living with them. This is why education is so important when a society is going through intolerance. Patience is another important attribute that can also teach the individuals to become compassionate and this can only come through education.

Education Provides Opportunities:

When people are educated, they have more exposure towards a lot of different things. They can get into projects and investments with a much more rationalized and logical approach and make these investments a success. This means that education can help a third world country develop more opportunities for its growth and investment through the help of its people. This is another reason why people must first focus on the idea of getting educated rather than earning short term money.

Education Brings In Light In The Dark:

Without education, an individual may find himself in a lot of dark habits, secrets and behaviors which might not be approved of in a tolerant and well-mannered society.  Education helps people come out of that dark phase and become better equipped with manners and tolerant behaviors approved of in all the mature societies of this world.

Education Is The Pillar To Success:

If you are not educated enough, you will not be able to compete with the world. Today’s world is all about globally competing and being competent enough. This is why education must be there to prepare people to compete on a global field rather than local.


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