God has remained the most primitive idea of human history and civilization. Earliest humans believed in one creator of the universe, “The Sky God”.  This idea of monotheism has undergone evolutionary changes along with the evolution of various civilizations. When people noticed that some idea about God has stopped working, they simply replaced it with a new one. The most rich and imaginative ideas about the existence and working of God evolved in Greece. Babylonian history is incomplete without mentioning primitive Gods that are believed to be responsible for the creation of mankind by mixing clay with their own blood and hence humans share some qualities with God. There are certain stories about Gods and the political issues that remained persistent among Gods of various strengths and powers. But these ideas are the product of human minds. Monotheistic idea was remote and involved no physical deity that’s why people started imagining Gods in physical things like sun and moon. But still all the ideas about God have some roots in believing the existence of “Sky God”.

Greeks believed in a family of Gods called Olympians. They saw them as symbols of all good and evil that happens on the face of earth. Greek concept of Gods was rooted deeply in the minds of people and they strongly believed in them. Olympians are the Gods to which people sacrificed the most in the whole history.

There is yet another doctrine about God, “The Abrahamic God”. This is believed to be the God who is worshipped by Christians, Jews and Muslims. But in these religions practice is considered more important than the faith itself. Practicing the whole life as described by prophets and religious scholars is the most important feature of people believing in any Abrahamic religion.

But till now, the world has no universal explanation for God and its role in this universe. Some doctrines suggests a peculiar view and others posturize it very differently. Many people have started believing that there is no God at all. But the fact remains, if there is no God then what is this life and this world meant for? What death and birth means? And why human nature tends to believe in some unseen forces ?



By:  Aimon Tanvir Malghani

Aimon Tanvir Malghani is a BS Environmental Science student , GCU Lahore (Pakistan)