A nice peaceful page for Muslims & Non Muslims to interact!

Yes we are Proud but we respect all other religions, as Islam is the only religion that recognizes the other religions because our God “Allah” and His Prophet “Muhammad” (Peace Be Upon Him) told us to respect others.

Unfortunately there are some Muslims who ruin this Islamic teaching by their wrong actions! Anyway we live in life not in heaven; and not all your fingers are alike!

We Muslims are Proud and will always be proud !!

1. When you planned to start your page “ I am Muslim & I am proud “ ?

The page was published on 18, April – 2008

2. What was basic motivational force behind this page ?

To bring people closer on the word of Allah SWT, clear understanding and preaching of right information.

3. You started alone or someone helped you too ?

I started things alone, but later on assembled a team across globe.

4. You have millions of fans, how many know you personally?

To be honest very few of them have we interacted face to face, or mostly via Email or Facebook (Inbox). Tiny minority via Skype. But we love to sit in groups and interact.

5. You have any figures or you tried to know that how much Muslims and non Muslims are your fans ?

No, Facebook is a powerful tool because you can spread your message to a lot of audience within a small amount of time, Majority of them are Muslims.

Im a Muslim & Im Proud
Im a Muslim & Im Proud

6. On your page there are so many creative pictures with quotes and Quranic verses too, you design it by yourself or you take from other sources ?

Our team design them most of the time, if we lack time we do share along from the other groups.

7. What kind of advantages you are observing to spread any religious message through Facebook when we compare it with traditional way of preaching ?

we want this page to become a source of information to every muslim and non muslim, This is a platform where we clearly clarify doubts, We have associated ourselves with few of the world renowned Sheikhs as well. Spreading a message that they have never heard or come across has been the story of success so far.

8. You have any activities on ground too to spread your message to people ?

Not yet, only through means of Internet which is as effective as being invisibly present in real.

9. You have pages on other social sites too or only Facebook ?

Yes, we do have Twitter account, Blogs and we are
working on a massive projects as well to spread the message of Islam further.

10. On media specially western media they always depict Islam as religion which has so many restrictions and have no freedom, you every tried to counter these stereotypes and misunderstanding from your plate forum ?

Every religion gets challenged or opposed by one another, we have come across such stereotypes with racial and raging remarks. Our key mission is to spread the word of peace to clear doubts. Patience is how we represent ourselves with. Most of them back off from arguments and minority makes it harder just by racial slur.

11. As you are preaching and spreading message of Islam through Facebook from 2008, during this period of time anybody I mean non Muslim accepted Islam as his/her religion, anything happened like that during this period ?

Since this platform is to keep the heart and mind of Muslims refreshed. We also convey such messages to the non Muslims by explaining them about the Islam as a religion of peace. I myself wouldn’t be sure who might have reverted to Islam but I am this sure that we might have helped change their thinking on Islam.

12. Where you want to take your page in future ?

Alhamdulillah, Our page is the biggest Islamic fan page on Facebook. Wish to expand it with in cooperation with other groups on board along side website, blogs and other social media sources.

13. What you do in free time?

During our free time we reply back to the users personally. Either by Facebook or Email. We are also supporting the www.purematrimony.com project which is now the World’s Largest Website for Practicing Single Muslims.

14. Your message for all and readers ?

Offer your prayers and spread the message of Islam through your words or actions and to those whom you know and might not make a habit to say Sallam to everyone. Shaking hand is a part of sadqa as well & remember SMILE its sunnah ☺ .

Im Muslim & Im Proud