Every organization dreams of hitting the peak of sales, and in doing so, it often burdens the sales force with oodles of pressure. Well, this strategy might work for bureaucratic organizational structures but not for cross-functional ones. Today the way an organization functions has dramatically changed, the strict anarchy to a large extent has been replaced by a culture of cooperation where teamwork is highly appreciated and goals are aligned to reach better results.

Many firms don’t understand that sales-force is not supposed to complete administration tasks (paperwork, filing and record keeping). The time they waste on these futile activities can best be utilized by proper training sessions that allow them to make proper use of sales tools and strategies. For example, a person who is occupied for 6 hours at workplace performing off-the-field duties will definitely be least interested in sales targets. Now, it is the responsibility of management to make use of employees’ potential for corporate benefits. The internet is all loaded with tricks, tips and methods to improve the sales-force but you will hardly come across these basic strategies that many firms fail to employ.

Let’s take a quick look at these 5 magical tactics for your sales force:

  1. Train them to employ best practices: Instead of paying large amounts to recruitment agencies or headhunters for finding you the right person with the right experience, roll up your own sleeves. Just focus on development of the existing sales force. They are much familiar with the organizational culture and will pick up things fast-trust me! Top performing sales organizations use the same strategy and invest in their own teams. You can provide technical training on products and services on regular basis or simply gather regional teams to share best practices. This practice will eliminate the need for new workforce and help shift critical middle performers into top performers.
  1. Equip them with all the communication tools: Spending long hours at the field is the requirement of this job, hence it is the responsibility of an organization to arm these personnel with the right tools and apps. An easy to use CRM solution or application will be a great idea for receiving customer and sales information on timely basis and shall speed up the process. A service can also do wonders, for example something that allows the person to get sales orders and agreements signed electronically. This shall save time and energy of getting to the office just to get signatures of top authorities.
  1. To not leave the track: Qualifying leads is another tricky part, for effective outcomes from sales and marketing efforts it is mandatory that the target audience is well defined. If your potential buyer is not yet ready for a sales conversation, your brilliant sales team cannot do any miracles. Firstly understand the buyer’s journey and later provide them with the information they require, once they show interest in your product/services, hand them to the sales team.
  2. Gamification strategies can wake up the dead: In large business setups it is often difficult to identify people who are not functioning well and are an expense to the firm. Well, gamification can really help in picking out the odd ones, as it taps into the natural competitive streak in reps and delivers positive results as reps struggle to reach to the top of leader board. Experts suggest that points shall not only be awarded for customer wins but also for getting new leads or successful meetings with senior executives.
  1. Tracking performance: Just as I mentioned at the beginning of this article that pressurizing sales force to hit particular targets with strict deadlines decreases efficiency. Instead, Smart goals shall always be the priority and if then also some people fail to give their best, an organization shall identify the flaws and work upon areas that need improvement. A system that tracks employee’s performance shall be formulated and used to analyze the potential of each person. The firm can then set up training sessions to help the employee add up to the overall success of the sales team.

Wrapping it up, a good sales-force is indeed an asset to the firm, but since we see constant changes taking place in business environments, the culture of an organization really matters. The culture should adapt to new and innovative ideas and promote good performers so as to motivate the ineffective team members.

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