The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Tuesday announced preliminary results of the provincial councils elections. According to IEC spokesman Noor Mohammad Noor, three women in Kabul and three others in Daikondi province lead their races.

Mr. Noor said that although there are two seats reserved for women on the Daikondi provincial council, an additional third seat is, based on the preliminary results, going to a woman. The women so far winning their provincial contests in Daikondi are Fatima Akbari, Sumaya Mohammadi and Sima Rostamian.

The three women poised to take seats on the Kabul provincial council are Masooda Yari, Khatera Ishaqzai and Zuhra Nawabi.

There are 458 available provincial council seats, 96 of which, or 20 percent, are reserved for women.

The preliminary results of the provincial council elections were announced on Tuesday after a two day delay. The election commission claimed the delay was the result of efforts to increase transparency. The IEC has published the result sheets on its website.

The Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) followed up the results announcement with one of their own, asking provincial council candidates to file any and all complaints regarding the preliminary results within 24 hours.

“Those who have any sort of complaint about the preliminary results may file their complains in the provincial headquarters and central office until 12:00pm on Wednesday,” ECC secretary Nadir Mohseni said.

Up to 2,700 candidates ran in the provincial council elections this year, including 308 women.