For good and for ill, image plays a significant role in the exercise of leadership. To project vibrant and robust health is–at least in part–to inspire confidence and admiration. While history demonstrates that some of the most noteworthy political and cultural icons may have concealed serious and debilitating health problems, their successes came in spite of those ailments, not because of them. As a rule, physical strength and vigor enhance innate qualities of command and authority. Good health helps people to think clearly and maintain an even emotional keel. In fact, these remarkable political and business leaders confirm this truth.

Rough Riding to Better Health

One of the fittest of all U.S. presidents was Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919). The irony here is that he was among the most sickly of children, his childhood asthma nearly causing his death. Conforming to a rigorous exercise regimen imposed by his father, young “Teedie,” as he was called, embarked on a program of weightlifting, running, swimming, hiking, boxing, horseback riding, wrestling and rowing. In the process, he built himself up into a fine athlete. As president, he led ambassadors, cabinet members and visiting heads of state on exhausting expeditions through the parks and less-developed parts of Washington, D.C. Although he never completely beat asthma, he tamed it completely.

Rich Enough to Live Longer

2. Both admired as a great philanthropist and derided as a robber baron, John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) nevertheless remains a giant of American business history. As with every other area of his life, diet and exercise were carefully planned by the oil magnate. In consultation with doctors, he imported green vegetables from all over the globe, and drank milk from his own cows to confirm freshness and untaintedness. His medical staff also prescribed exercises (golf was a favorite) that were optimal for each season of life. In addition, he took pains to get adequate sleep despite the many commercial demands made on him.

Long Runs and Longboard

Love him or hate him, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a picture of health and fitness. Known to prefer the great outdoors to the confinement of health clubs, Trudeau is an avid jogger and surfer (yes, in Canada!). Eschewing coffee and wine–though enjoying beer–Trudeau centers his diet on foods that rev up metabolism like sushi and other predominantly Asian fare. This cuisine is also credited with strengthening immunity. This lifestyle shows in his appearance…and good looks never hurt a politician.

Pumped as He Is Wealthy

Jeff Bezos is believed to be the richest person in the world. His empire continues to spread its tentacles throughout the world economy. Also growing impressively are his biceps and other useful muscles. Some believe his work-out motivation is to become the first self-financed astronaut. In terms of nutrition, he reformed his poor eating habits (e.g. Pillsbury biscuits for breakfast) to such a degree that he bought the Whole Foods supermarket chain. Moreover, Bezos refuses to use an alarm clock, insisting to sleep as much as is needed.

Optimal Health and the Exercise of Power

Clearly, body and mind do not exist in exclusive realms. Physical health impacts creativity, mental clarity and emotional control. Sufficient sleep, nutritionally-dense meals and brisk, dynamic physical activity work together to optimize these qualities–leadership qualities. Leaders are often under pressure but that pressure need not become stress if a healthy lifestyle is present. Still, some bodies are different from others, and require supplemental nutrition to work at peak performance. No, Roosevelt and Rockefeller did not have Le-vel Thrive to enhance their good health. Yet these products are here today to aid with weight loss, digestion, muscular development and longevity. Those seeking to make an impact on the world do well to desire these improvements in overall wellness.

Jeremy is a tech and business writer from Simi Valley, CA. He’s worked for Adobe, Google, and himself. He lives for success stories, and hopes to be one someday.hat it brings to your business as a whole.