For those just starting out in a website coding career, now is a perfect time to get in. Web programming languages have advanced to the point that a very dynamic website can be made. It can be made in less time and with less collaboration than in times past. A web developer of these modern times can partner with a graphic designer and a powerful, good looking site can be online in days. How does an interested person start coding websites?

The first things to learn to make websites

Website users and their owners want dynamic sites. To please these two groups is going to be your job. The first language to learn to code a static site is HTML. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is the first language of the internet. To go along with HTML, there is a scripting language called CSS. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. This will accompany the HTML. HTML will put the content on the page and CSS will cover the presentation of said content. With those two tools, you can make a decent website up to modern standards. These two languages by themselves will make a website that is static. That is, it will not handle data input and draw from a database. Remember, website visitors and website owners both want dynamic sites these days.

Testing and maximizing your website code

A process called test-driven development has been discovered to improve the creation of software. What is test driven development? It is a system whereby software is improved. Programming languages can be written under the envelope of test-driven development, or TDD, to create a shorter time to marketability. This improves code usefulness, improves user experience and makes more money for the web developer.

Creating static or dynamic sites

Advancement during a web developer’s career depends on whether he or she can become a “full stack” developer. HTML and CSS are just the beginning of learning to code websites. Javascript and PHP will need to be learned to create more website functionality. PHP stands for Hypertext PreProcessor and is a recursive acronym. Javascript and PHP together with a database can create the dynamic type of website that we talked about earlier. Drawing from a database essentially creates web pages on the fly. That is, they are created dynamically based on the input of the user. The free and open source software called WordPress is the most popular way to create a dynamic website. It uses a database and has a plethora of online support from around the world. WordPress gained 25 percent market share of all websites back in 2015. It is currently at an amazing 34.1 percent. That is, more than a third of all websites use WordPress. Clearly, dynamic websites are super popular.

Getting your hands dirty in the world of code

Dreaming is for dreamers. Getting an education and advancing in the world and is for those who work. Where can you get some great tutorials to begin learning HTML, CSS and other languages? Geeks for Geeks ( is a popular place, that incidentally, also uses WordPress for their own site. Youtube has plenty of lessons on aspects of all programming languages. HTML Goodies is another place for those who would prefer a page with free lessons instead of a video. Codecademy is another great platform with free interactive coding lessons.

Wherever you choose to start your website coding career, it should be an enjoyable experience. The entire web is made up of just four types of files. These four are video, audio, text and graphics. Learning by video, by text or by interactive pages will depend on your personality. Choose your own particular mode of learning to do it with the least amount of stress. Good luck!

by: Walter Bodell