Recently, most people are quitting jobs to venture into business. They have realized that having a business that is efficiently running will generate returns that may supersede a salary. However, one of the enormous problems with setting business is that most startup entrepreneurs know little concerning its impact on the environment. Even the already established companies care so little about maintaining a clean environment.

This has led to the accumulation of inorganic substances around the business area, and this ends up discouraging clients from visiting the premise. It is, however, possible to operate in a clean environment. This will draw customers and also create a fresh atmosphere that is conducive to conducting business. The following are steps that an entrepreneur can take to ensure that they adhere to the environmental regulations:

1. Engage the clients.

The customers are the individuals who will know what is environmentally right for them. It is therefore imperative to involve them in the generation of ideas on how to improve the business environment. There are many ways of reaching out to clients to get these ideas. One of the most effective ones is giving them questionnaires when they visit the business premise. Ask them to indicate the improvements that they feel that they will be crucial in making the area ideal for living. Alternatively, you can ask them to give feedback about their feeling towards the situation around the business. Negative feedback is the important as it will help to bring improvements.

2. Improve the aeration through planting trees.

This is one of the most underestimated environmental practice, yet it is useful in improving the atmosphere. Many companies have realized the essence of planting trees around their premises. Some organize for tree planting days. They stop all their activities and embark on planting trees for a period. If you feel that you don’t want to stop the operations of your business, you can involve a body that does commercial planting of trees. Trees act as air sanitizers. They bring a fresh atmosphere and reduce the levels of carbon dioxide. Planting trees is a very significant practice especially for businesses that are located in large metropolitans where there is a lot of exhaust fumes from vehicles.

Planting of trees can also be done inside the business premise. This can be done in tree pots that are placed at strategic points in the building. It is recommendable to have at least two trees in one office. Trees inside the building create a fresh atmosphere and also give the business a unique appeal that differentiates it from competitors. Several tree species are commonly used inside the building. They include Dracaena, Ficus, and Philodendron.

3. Save Energy

Environmental conservation also involves saving on the energy consumption of your business. When energy is conserved, the cost of production is minimized, and this leads to increased profits. There are innumerable ways of reducing the energy consumption.

One of the easiest to do yet it is widely ignored is opening of windows to allow entry of fresh air. Instead of consuming much energy through the use of air conditioners, it is cheaper to seek alternative options. The opening of windows should become a habitual practice for every business. Use of energy saving bulbs can replace bulbs that consume large amounts of electricity.

A company can also harness solar energy and used it for running of operations that require little amounts of energy such as lighting. Most businesses also misuse a lot of papers through unnecessary copying. This can be stopped by ensuring that printing is done only when it is necessary. Along with those options, many new technologies, such as automobiles, are helping improve the environmental friendliness of one of the most important physical assets a company has –– its vehicles. While a host of new costs are associated with these new cars, companies can still find opportunities to find the cheapest car insurance possible as well as increased fuel efficiency. The hope is that with these new types of vehicles, businesses can be much more conscious about their impact on the environment.

When a business applies the practices mentioned above, they will draw many customers, save on costs, and create a better business environment. It is therefore crucial for all companies to adopt eco-friendly practices.


by: Mikkie Mills