Growing your wedding business into a well-known, successful company is a dream come true for most professionals, but the actual task is difficult to complete due to slim marketing budgets. Without marketing, advertising, and other avenues used in your business, growth, and success are impossible and you’ll be nothing more than another wedding business in a crowd of others. Fortunately, time is on your side and today’s plethora of affordable marketing techniques aid in growing a successful business even when money is of concern. Put some of the following techniques to good use and it’s so much easier to stand out from the crowd and enjoy the success that you crave.

Centers of Influence

A center of influence is a person who boosts your wedding business with their simple referral, word-of-mouth, and testimonials. It’s critical that you have a few centers of influences available as a business owner serving those soon to celebrate the most special day in their lives. In a wedding business, bridal leads are important. Photographers, florists, wedding planners, and many other people serve as centers of influence in a wedding business. Identity your centers of influence and a strategy to wow them with your products and services.

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and numerous other social media sites provide an advertising outlet for your wedding business like none other that exists today. More than 80% of all brides begin their search for venues, dresses, flowers, etc. on the web, oftentimes with social media their choice for referrals, reviews, and product and business recommendations. Impress the bride with an informative, well laid out social media page and you’ve won a new bride’s business! Don’t forget that targeted ads are also available on many of the social media sites. These low-cost ads are targeted to your audience and provide amazing results more often than not. Give these ads a try!

Sell More

Once you’ve made a new client, there is always an opportunity to sell more. Makeup selling a top priority in your line of work rather than designate it as a ‘bad word’ as so many people find themselves doing. It doesn’t cost more money to upsell products and may very well help substantiate your income in great ways. Add new product offerings to your lineups, such as diamond rings and keepsake items, work with other companies to promote their products, etc. to upsell and earn more profits.


Although repeat customers aren’t common in the wedding industry, referrals are just as helpful. Many bridesmaids have their own upcoming wedding. This current event is the perfect opportunity to get referrals from your client no matter who is getting married in the future. It’s an inexpensive way to advertise your business that delivers great results!

Promotional Products

Promotional products have long been a part of the marketing world. As a wedding industry business, promotional products are extremely critical to your growth and to your business success. An array of promotional products offer the chance to reach your audience day in and day out. T-shirts, mugs, invitations, hats, balloons -the list of items that can help promote your business is endless. Set aside a few bucks for promotional products and sit back as they benefit your company.

Grow Your Business using the Right Elements

The above tips are the start of many that make it easy to grow your wedding business into the successful venture that you want to own. Don’t hesitate to use these, and other, tips to your businesses’ advantage. No matter how long you’ve been around or where you want your business to be in this world, using these tips can help you do so many great things in the future.

by: Dennis Hung