Recreation is an essential aspect of the life of a person as it helps individuals to spend time with their family members enjoying nature walks deep in the forest or along the coastal lines. Outdoor recreation is becoming a big business in developed countries as many individuals consider to spend their time outside rather than at the comfort of their coaches. With the increasing number of people choosing outdoor recreation, facilities have been enhanced to make them human-friendly while at the same time ensuring that they can handle the increasing number of people.

To make the outdoor recreation facilities conducive, governments or authorities responsible need to source funds and invest in the multi-million dollar industry with the hope that they can attract more people to enjoy the outdoor parks and nature walk. Here are some possible strategies that can be used in sourcing funds to enhance outdoor recreation activities.


Grants are types of money provided by various organizations where the recipient is under no obligation to refund. There are already some existing local and international bodies that have volunteered to offer grants which can be used in enhancing outdoor recreation facilities such as financing inground pools and other vital facilities. What the agencies involved in such roles should do is to use the grants received professionally without misusing the funds offered by grant companies. Using the money collected in the form of grants will encourage other bodies to join in and provide some grants.

Conservation Trust Funds

Many conservation trust funds are offered by individual volunteers, churches, and non-government organizations. However, a majority of the conservation trust funds come with various conditions that they want to be met before they can consider providing money. One of the primary requirement is that trust funds offer matching grants where the local government have to show their commitment by allocating money for outdoor recreation facilities upon which they will get an equal contribution. Other trust funds might be particular about how they want the funds to be used such as the acquisition of an open space or planting trees along the path among others.


Acquiring land for recreation facilities can sometimes prove to be an expensive undertaking that will consume a significant amount of money. The local government might require all developers to set aside land for recreational facilities or public parks before they are allowed to develop their properties. This will offer a cheaper alternative for acquiring land for recreational facilities.


A bond is a debt instrument that enables an organization to source funds which will be repaid after an agreed period with an added amount to cater for interest. Local governments or the national government or whoever is in charge of recreational facilities should seek approval from the necessary authorities such as members of the public to raise capital through a bond.

The funds collected through a bond will be necessary for funding large capital projects that will be expected to generate funds to repay the loan. The money raised through this strategy should be used in constructing essential recreation facilities such as recreation centers, trails, and greenways among others. These projects will soon generate income to repay the debts.

Fund Raising

This is a common strategy that is used in sourcing money to cater for various public utilities. Outdoor recreation facilities are public utilities that need to be maintained on a continuous basis so that they can offer quality services and remain classy. Local authorities can consider organizing a local fundraising drive where the collected funds will be used in cleaning and improving the status of the already existing facilities. This is a voluntary drive, and it will prove to be very crucial in the development of all the outdoor facilities. Members of the public will be enthusiastic about the drive because it is for the facilities they use on a daily basis.

As outdoor recreation business becomes big, all the concerned parties should ensure that they get the necessary funds to enhance or facelift all the outdoor recreational facilities to attract a large number of people and sufficient funds which will be used in performing various roles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Bio:  Jeremy is a tech and business writer from Simi Valley, CA. He’s worked for Adobe, Google, and himself. He lives for success stories, and hopes to be one someday.