Ever wanted to escape from modern technology, to erase your name from the annals of the internet and live a more simple life?

Thanks to this handy nine-step guide created by WhoIsHostingThis, people who are concerned about the availability of their personal information online can ‘pull the plug’ on all that stored up data.

By deleting social media accounts, email addresses, search engine results and telephone directory listings it is possible to vanish almost completely from the web without a trace.

Here’s how:

1. Close all your primary social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

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(Picture: WhoIsHostingThis)

2. Search for yourself online and close any other pages you’d forgotten about – yes, that includes those old MySpace and Bebo accounts

3. Falsify any information on stubborn accounts that can’t be closed or deleted.

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(Picture: WhoIsHostingThis)

4. Unsubscribe from email mailing lists.

5. Ask search engines to remove results referring to you.

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(Picture: WhoIsHostingThis)

6. Contact webmasters and ask them to remove any information about you that you can’t delete yourself.

7. Ask data clearing houses – companies that buy and sell your data – to remove your records.

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(Picture: WhoIsHostingThis)

8. Request the removal of your information from telephone books and online directories.

9. Delete all your email accounts.

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(Picture: WhoIsHostingThis)

There – easy (sort of). It’s been nice knowing you! Cheerio.

source: metro UK