The simplest and the most effective way of letting the world know your ideas, opinions and expertise is to create a blog because the basic purpose of a blog is to help, support and guide readers. If you have expertise in assignment research, writing, editing and/or proofreading and you want to share it with the world you would surely love to know how to create a blog. Just a few years ago, creation of a blog used to be a complex process which involved difficult coding and programming languages. Fortunately, blogging platforms have made that complex process much easier now. Here are five simple steps that you need to follow:

  • Find the Best Blogging Platform
  • Get a Theme Suitable to Your Niche
  • Choose a Domain Name
  • Get a Hosting Plan
  • Add Your Posts and Start Blogging

1: Find the Best Blogging Platform

Do you want to start your blog for help with assignment services? You definitely need a website or a blog and for this purpose, either you will hire a professional web developer or designer or you can choose a blogging platform as an alternative option. Can’t decide which is the best blogging platform for you? Don’t worry! We are giving the best available options on internet so you can choose the most suitable one. Go through each one of them and check out features and tools to decide what will work most effectively in your case:

  • WordPress: Responsive themes for mobiles and desktops
  • Wix: No coding skills needed
  • Weebly: Bring unique ideas to life
  • Blogger: Publish your passion in your own way
  • Tumblr: Post anything from anywhere

2: Get a Theme Suitable to Your Niche

Once you choose a blogging platform, you need to choose a suitable theme for your blog. Since you plan to provide assignment help and services, you better look for the one that has academic look and feel. Choose a theme that fits in your academic blogging requirement. Here are few important things to keep in mind:

  • Customizable Theme: You can easily customize your themes so make sure to add the features that you think will be helpful to project your blog.
  • Light Features: Avoid choosing a theme full of features because it may badly affect the overall performance of your blog.
  • Readable Fonts: Some themes have very smaller or sharper fonts that you can’t read. You better avoid choosing such theme.
  • Theme Color: Before you make a final choice, you should also decide the color of your theme that will represent you throughout the years.
  • Premium Theme: A premium theme can be the best option. Though, it will cost you more will still provide you excellent features.

3: Choose a Domain Name

It is said that a domain name is like a business name so when you are choosing a domain name, spend some time in choosing the best. The domain that you choose will ultimately become your recognition all across the web and therefore, you must choose the one that fits best for your niche. Here are few important tips to keep in mind:

  • Keywords: Domain name should contain a keyword that shows niche of your blog.
  • Region: If you want to target specific region, you can include keywords that show the region
  • Extension: Get a suitable extension like, .org, .edu . info
  • Short and Easy: Name should be short, easy to type and easy to remember
  • Avoid: Avoid using hyphens and numbers

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4: Get a Hosting Plan

The next step is to get a web hosting which is a place where you will store whatever you upload on your website in your domain name. You need to decide which could be the best hosting plan for you. Here are few tips:

  • Basic Needs: First of everything you should know what your basic needs are i.e. if you want to run a personal blog or want to run your blog as a business in future.
  • 24/7 Connectivity: Server reliability is one of the most important factors as you would always like to stay connected so people can reach you 24/7 without any interruption.
  • Upgrade: Most of the hosting provides upgrading options which will allow you to upgrade whenever necessary.
  • Free & Paid: Go through all available free as well as paid features and decide which will be working best in your case.
  • Control Panel: Make sure to see control panel as a flexible panel will allow you to make your best.

5: Add Your Posts & Start Blogging

Once you have chosen a blogging platform, a suitable theme, and domain & hosting plan, you have already had everything you need to move on. It is time to exhibit your passion, dedication and expertise in the field of assignment writing services. If you are a writer, that’s great! You can write and share your ideas, opinions and expertise and you can also give advices and suggestions to your readers. But as a writer, you must keep few important things in your mind:

  • Current Topics: Talk and discuss current topics so the readers can feel interests and don’t forget to create eye catchy headlines.
  • Save Readers Future: You are writing to benefit people and you must never write something that can ruin their life or future. So you must write only the right things.
  • Authentic References: When you start writing, prefer to spend more time in research and in finding the authentic sources and references rather than simply utilizing your assumption.
  • Updated Information: Make sure to upload up-to-date information so readers are not misguided.
  • Advice, Suggestion, Reviews: You can advise or suggest your readers and also give your honest reviews but don’t impose anything on them.



Author Bio: Professional academic writer Jennifer Lawrence is the write of this blog. Jennifer works as an expert Bloggers for many websites, including the famous and her blogs are very famous in online market.