Stepping into a new job and the workforce, in general, is something that can be exciting and a little bit scary and intimidating. There are a lot of little things that each company does a little differently and it takes some time to adjust. Luckily there are skills and tools that a person can use that help in any work and life situation. This makes your time and interactions at work easier and less stressful. These skills of communication and listening will set you apart from other coworkers and even other candidates when you apply for jobs. Efficient communication can help you avoid fatal mistakes and allow consumers to purchase and use a great product. Whether you are taking a person’s order at a restaurant or writing a technical manual for a product, your customers are counting on you to communicate with a number of different coworkers to get the job done.

Here are five ways you can communicate better with your fellow co-workers:  


You are not going to get very far if you aren’t willing to listen to others. This may mean being a little more humble and listen to your other team members and bosses. Your manager may have some constructive criticism to give that will make you a team member and overall employee. Listen to what others are saying about your work. Is it good or is there room for improvement? Companies tend to come out with new policies, news, and updates that could be extremely important to your job. If you aren’t listening or paying attention, you may miss out on crucial information.

Be Considerate

This doesn’t mean you need to walk on eggshells around all of your coworkers, but you do want to be a little considerate towards them. This can take time and practice but it is a great skill to have when interacting with any person whether they are in or outside the work office. Listen to what they talk about and take that information into consideration. Are they going through a hard time? You may want to be a little sympathetic about a specific subject. Did they just have a friend or family member pass away? You probably don’t want to make jokes about death.

Be Efficient

Do you frequently send large files? You may want to consider who you are sending it to and what they need. You don’t want to send a huge amount of information that takes forever to download and wastes a lot of time for your other employees. If you can send information in one email instead of three or four this makes it easier for your employees to read and doesn’t blow up their email inboxes with a lot of emails. This can also be done with paper that you send out to your employees. If you can fit things on to one paper it is preferred instead of giving your coworkers and employees a bunch of paper that they will probably end up throwing away.

Be Personable

You don’t have to create a different version of yourself when you walk into work. If you are in a management position, the best thing you could give them is to be personable and helpful when they are in need of some direction and instruction. The more personable and honest you are with other coworkers this makes you more trustworthy and builds connection, which is crucial to any workplace environment.

Be Clear and Concise

You really don’t need to send out a novel for an email. You can word emails and other information in a manner that is clear and easy to read. There doesn’t need to be a bunch of flowery language used and you don’t need to use big words that nobody knows what they mean. This makes everyone’s job a little easier because you don’t have to struggle writing something that is hard to read and everyone else can read things with ease.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             by: Dennis Hung