Instagram is slowly becoming one of the biggest social media sites online. With so many businesses and influencers on the site, you need to put out all the stops to get good visibility and the attention of your target audience. A great way to boost your Instagram engagement and extend your reach is to use videos in your content strategy. However, it’s not just a simple matter of producing a simple video and posting it onto your profile. Here are some best practices on how to boost your Instagram engagement with videos.

Start with an Exciting Frame

Unlike some of the other online video sites, Instagram starts your video with the opening frame. That frame can decide whether or not the user clicks on the play button or not. There are many things that you can do from putting up teaser frames that create curiosity, using copy driven frames, to using an inspiring shot to start the video. It’s not a bad idea to use a big title and an attractive image that resembles a YouTube video thumbnail. But it’s important that you don’t fall into these marketing patterns and mix up your opening frames on a regular basis or your audience will get tired of the same presentation.

Use Video Captioning to Increase Engagement and Consumption

Providing captions for your video is a surefire way to engage your users and get them consume your video. In fact, video captioning is highly recommended if you’re advertising with Facebook video. YouTube videos have also been proven to perform better when captions were added to guide the users. You can’t disregard the fact that users may have their volume muted on their mobile device or audio quality can be unreliable on mobile devices. Video captioning also allows you to reach users that have hearing impairments.

 Add Hashtags That Can Get Your Content Found

Using the right hashtags can result in more followers, likes and help your video go viral. But you need to use the right hashtags in order to get visibility for your videos. Start by coming up with ideas on hashtags that would be perfect for your post. Then use hashtag keyword tools like to look for trending hashtags related to your post. When you post hashtags, you don’t want it to be too broad. For example, #summershoes is better than #shoes if you’re trying to post about your brand’s seasonal shoes.

Use Instagram Metrics to Optimize Your Videos

Should your videos autoplay? Should you enable autoloop? How long should your videos be? All of these questions and more can be answered by using the Instagram analytics tool. You can see the impressions, views, reach and engagement numbers to help you figure out what kinds of videos your audience is responding to. You should also use other analytics tools to figure out the best times and days to post to get the most impressions and engagement possible. Unfortunately, there’s no advanced analytics yet on the number of plays/pauses and time stamp of pauses which can help further optimize your videos.

Run Instagram Video Ads to Push Your Videos Out

If you are working with a small number of followers on Instagram, it can be hard to figure out how effective your video even is. To give your videos an extra push, you can set up an advertising campaign on Instagram. This will help you reach and engage with audiences that are not following you. To make the campaign work, you will want to really research your target audience to really make sure that your videos show to the right people. You’ll also need to get familiar with Facebook’s advertising platform since Instagram advertising is integrated into the Facebook platform.

Those are some great ideas to boost your Instagram engagement and get more visibility through videos. While creating and editing videos means a bigger workload, the extra work can really pay off and help you build the audience and relationships you want for your business.


by: Dennis Hung