Almost a month left for the most awaited event of the year and you can already listen to the bells ringing. It’s almost Christmas time! And if you haven’t set up your Christmas marketing strategy, it is the high time to do so. As soon as you hear about the Christmas, you know it’s sale time all over. Offers, promotions, deals; it is time to done marketing right in order to boost your sales. It is the peak selling season which brings along shoppers in droves.

So, if you are looking for ideas for Christmas marketing, you’ve landed on the right spot. Here are some best tips to maximize your ecommerce revenue and sales during Christmas 2018.

• Plan a marketing strategy

Marketing is a key-player. It should be done through every channel either social ads, Google ads or email marketing.

Social Ads: Focus on the most running social networks i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitters, etc. These platforms are top listed for marketing because of the traffic and their visual appearance. Bring new ideas, create witty yet attractive GIFs while targeting your desired audience.

Google Ads: Firstly, create a landing page for Christmas deals. So, that you can score higher and  better than number of others who have not created one. It will also aid in cutting the costs when it comes to bidding for the coveted keywords.

Email Marketing: Build up a campaign leading to the Christmas Day sale. Make a schedule for sending emails at regular intervals to create the hype and send one final mail right before the sale gets started.

• Design your website

To create Christmas frenzy among customers, decorate your online shop just like the street retailers do. This is a super catchy idea. Through the creative festive design, make your online store a part of festivities which will help in instilling the positive emotions among the shoppers and make your website livelier. Use Christmas colors and themes using gold, silver, reds and green. Also, you can be creative like serving your customers with Thoughtful Christmas facts or you can set up an online calendar comprising the ‘deal of the day’. Even after all these modification your ecommerce store must be user friendly and provide more user interactive experiences.

• Initiate 360-degree Content Campaigns

Keep Christmas as your central theme while creating content like videos, blog posts, infographics, etc. The topics for instance can be, latest clothing trends for Christmas, how to get all gadgety this Christmas and alike. Promote your content through social media channels. Also, add snippets in your email campaign. Make sure all your outreach channels either social media, website or emails should have uniform tone and language.

• Optimize SEO Strategies

It is quite critical to optimise your content and be sure that people find you when the Christmas grips the hype. So, its better to do it a bit earlier because any content does not get ranked overnight, it takes time for making it appear on search engines. Therefore, don’t leave any such optimisation for December. Furthermore, your pages should not compete with each other in search engines for the same keywords. There should be a variation. Also, keep your pages specific and relevant to the targeted keyword.
Furthermore, be perfectly sure about using the right keywords. Employ keywords for headings, meta descriptions while avoiding keyword stuffing.

Most importantly, fix broken links. It is utterly displeasing for customers if they get to click any link that doesn’t work.


•       Make sure about site loading speed

The biggest turn off for any visitor is the poor page loading speed. According to a survey, 40 percent of visitors will leave the website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds. Specially in times of sale, be very careful about it. It’s like your biggest bet you take to lose if you fail with to provide good loading speed. So be certain about your website’s loading speed. In order to be sure if you are doing things right. Put a survey on your product pages asking people if the website loads fast enough. So that you can get a clear idea.


•       Be clear with your terms

Whenever there is a festivity, it is understood that the delivery services might take a little longer than usual. This doesn’t exasperate the customers. But what actually irritates them is the fact that they are expecting it on time while you cannot and you have mentioned it under asterisks in small fonts. It becomes a big turn off. This is believed to be hypocritical and affects the persona or the reputation of your estore. So be very obvious with your terms & conditions. Run a header or a footer that clearly informs the customers that you won’t be able to do it. It may take away a few orders but will have great customer loyalty and satisfaction.

– Wrap up Note

Christmas season is the favorite quarter of a lot of online entrepreneurs but for accomplishing this quarter rightly, one needs a proper marketing approach and planning towards it. Keep in mind, there is no particular marketing technique that works 100% for every online business. However, some of them work effectively for several ecommerce stores. Try implementing the above-mentioned techniques for Christmas Campaign and be ready to receive the rewards you deserve.


By: Muhammad Shoaib