Human Resources (HR) are an essential part of many businesses. They are the glue that holds them together as they handle many things from harassment to the hiring process to questions about benefits. This means that they hold the key to the difference between a business thriving or having to close. As a result, businesses can’t afford not to have a strong HR Department. Here are some ways to strengthen your HR Department if necessary.

Build and Maintain Strong Work Relationships

First, those in the Human Resources Department should be familiar with every company job and get to know those working in the departments. This is what keeps the doors open for cross-communication between departments and about potential new hires. It also helps to identify the reasons behind issues such as a high turnover rate.

Again, strong work relationships mean that the company has a high chance of staying in business. Lack of cross-communication, proper productivity, and goodness of fit lowers that chance. It is very expensive for businesses to lose profits, to have to file bankruptcy, and close down. As a result, it’s always better if that happens because the company’s product or services have been rendered unnecessary due to lack of proper communication or goodness of fit.

Maintain a High Impact Power

Position alone does not constitute high power. It is how well you handle the position that has the most impact on both employees and clients. Human Resources has the power to bridge any gaps in that area. For that reason, send them to some of the top HR conferences to improve their effectiveness. Not necessarily by implementing more policies as that can lead to even more stress and confusion. Something like hosting a small luncheon for all departments is far more effective at exchanging ideas and planting potential for expanding the company.

Hopefully, your company also has a policy for the kind of impact that you expect to have on clients and how to handle those who are uncooperative. For example, being welcoming and non-judgmental should always be a priority. The majority of clients are more likely to come back if they don’t feel judged and associate your company with the expected degree of comfort. Since they handle all sorts of company-related conflicts, Human Resources plays a major role in maintaining and reinforcing these policies.

Exercising Executive Power

Most of the time, Human Resources works in the background. However, they should be expected to step into the stage front occasionally to help maintain the company’s leadership. Those who tend to be credited for the company’s leadership are those who demonstrate it the most. However, this doesn’t mean just showing yourself to everyone.

It also means acting with confidence, maintaining an attitude of consideration, and demonstrating emotional intelligence. For example, almost everyday, you have opportunities to demonstrate your skills and talents through speaking. Whether it’s speaking publicly or simply replying to an email, everyone is an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise.

There is also the occasional intimidating challenge of standing up for what you think is best. Let’s say that it’s whether to let go of an employee who puts in a good productive effort but doesn’t treat the clients well and has a diagnosed disability, such as autism spectrum disorder. You have a lot of compassion for his or her struggles and have been trying to work with his or her case management staff on it to no avail. You feel like there are other incentives that could motivate him or her to improve but you staff wants him or her gone as soon as possible. Would you go ahead with trying those other incentives or agree to let him or her go now?


For more information like above, seek out the top conferences of the year. You can also set one up if there isn’t one available in you area. In fact, it’s a great way to earn extra profits for your company. Who knows? Yours just might be one of the next to make its way to the next high level conference. Some are geared toward specialties, such as the legislative field. Others are geared toward giving generalized information, like above. But follow the tips given above and you will improve your HR.

by: Dennis Hung