We live in a world that has embraced technology in many different ways. We all appreciate the most obvious ways. After all, so many of us walk around permanently attached to our mobile devices. However, there are many other ways that technology has impacted our daily lives. Just a few decades ago we would have never imagined being able to connect with people all around the world; technology has made life so much better for us all. Aside from computers, cell phones, tablets, TVs,and laptops, there are refrigerators, ovens, heating and cooling systems. We’ve been able to discover so many new things, provide better facilities and be able to enjoy far more luxury. Here are some of the ways in which technology can be used to your advantage.

Communication is Much Easier

Not so many years ago, if you wanted to get in touch with a friend or family member who lived on the other side of the world, you would have to write a letter and post it. That friend or loved one would wait many days for it to arrive, sometimes even months, and there was always the possibility that it would get lost somewhere along the way. No such problem nowadays exists, as we have emails, text messages, Skype, WhatsApp and countless other ways to communicate with people via the internet. It’s possible to take pictures with a digital camera and share them with anyone. Your friends and family can share in your experiences and witness your joy. Businesses also benefitfrom these technological advancements with customers and colleagues able to keep in touch wherever they are. It has even removed the need to go to the office in certain cases.

Home Entertainment

The growth of the internet, social networks, and mobile connectivity mean we can keep ourselves entertained in many different ways. Think of all the different ways you can entertain yourself using technology. LCD TVs, movie and music streaming services, games and even online gambling are just some of the ways people can utilize technology for their enjoyment. We are now able to watch programs on our TVs from anywhere in the world and enjoy accessing a library of music and movies. It’s even possible to experience the thrill of playing in a casino without leaving home. Read more about playing online casino games here. Essentially, the options of ways in which we spend our free time have expanded greatly, with a myriad of opportunity at our fingertips.


With the help of technology, educational institutions have been able to work more effectively and efficiently. It has become easy for knowledge and information to be shared. Long gone are the days when we relied on textbooks that always seemed to be out of date. Nowadays, students have access to the latest information because there are millions of digital and online learning materials available. With the help of e-learning technology, students can learn wherever they are. There is no need for children to physically attend a classroom or lecture if they don’t want to.

How Modern Technology Helps Us Travel

It’s not something we think about very often but being able to travel anywhere in the world has become an important part of our lives. We’ve been making use of various modes of transport for centuries,but over the last few decades, the transport industry has been enjoying a technological revolution. Improvements mean that travel is now more efficient and quicker than ever. Big efforts are currently being made in the area of making travel eco-friendlier. Buying tickets online in advance, and accessing our travel information online makes day to day traveling easier for the average commuter, as well as for other travel matters involving companies and businesses.

Huge Improvements in Healthcare

Technology has made a big difference to healthcare systems around the world. Treatment is now far more accessible, and the technology used in hospitals means there is far less chance of a doctor making a mistake. As well as advances in public healthcare we are also able to monitor our own health much better at home. Health apps mean you can check and monitor your weight, heart rate, exercise and sleep patterns. The internet also means we are able to check symptoms, diagnose and treat certain illnesses, without the need to visit a doctor.

Improvements in Lifestyle and Housing

If you’re sat at home right now, take a look around the room at all the items which make use of automated technology. How much easier, safer and more organized do, they make your life? You’re able to access a range of different information, news, music,and movies. You can do your weekly shop and get it delivered to your door without having to get the car out of the garage or worry about parking. You can buy your Christmas presents in April, Thanksgiving gifts in January and shop anytime you want. Thanks to technology you can now sit at home and order products or browse the internet for anything and everything.

Business and Commerce

Let’s not leave out the effect technology has had on business and commerce. It’s never been the same since the introduction of the internet. There are millions of online businesses that have been created to meet the demand of the modern consumer. You can buy pretty much anything you want, from anywhere around the world, thanks to the world wide web.

There’s no denying that technology has made a big difference to the way we live our lives. New inventions have made our world far more interesting and exciting to live in. You might be one of the few that think technology is a bad thing, but without it, the world would have become very stagnant. Every day, innovators and inventors are coming up with new ways to do things,and this can only be a good thing. Of course, there are some inventions that make you wonder what’s that all about? However, on the whole, technology is only going to continue to make our lives better.


submitted by: Umer Mahmood