If you are a marketer, entrepreneur, or business owner, then it is crucial that you have a strong grasp on your marketing and how to best leverage modern methods to get more sales and customers. And today, technology is an important part of your marketing arsenal that should not be ignored. Here’s how technology and marketing go hand in hand:


Just a decade ago, it wasn’t as common to see people walking along and being glued to their smartphones. But today, mobile technology has grown leaps and bounds. If you want to stay up to date on what your market is engaging with, you need to reach them through their mobile device. To ensure this, make sure you have a mobile focused website, advertisement suite, and content strategy for images and videos.

Market Research

Technology has changed the way that market research is performed. It used to be that you needed to look up market segments in giant books or purchase expensive customer lists. Today, anyone can use the power of the internet to find out about virtually anything with regards to their market.

Big Data and BI

Big data is changing the way that companies, especially startups with tech focuses, are getting traction. By collecting data on your customers, you are in a position to analyze that data and extract key insights.

Marketing Automation

If you have to do something more than once in your business, then you should be automating it. For instance, when you send emails, you wouldn’t send one individual email to everyone on your list, would you? Of course not. Instead, you can use marketing automation technology that lets you schedule emails, track open rates, and even see what kinds of conversions you’re getting. You can also segment your list so that certain people receive different communications on different days.


It’s hardly any use having a lot of information on your customers if you don’t keep track of it and organize it. When you’re building out your systems internally, makes sure you have a CRM that allows you or your sales team to easily take notes on customers and where they are in your buying process. After all, it could be awkward if you fail to remember a special event or piece of information that your customer already told you in the past.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the combination of writing content that humans want to read and computers can recognize. Towing this line is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. You can hire expert writers that know how to put your message into words that will sell and convince while boosting you in the rankings. Beware though. Don’t try to cheat Google with shortcuts, make sure you build out content that is high quality and likely to be shared among your ideal audience.

GPS and Local Technology

Not too long ago, you couldn’t know someone’s exact location with GPS. Modern technology has changed that by having a piece of technology in everyone’s hands that tracks their every movement. This is a dream come true for marketers.

With GPS tracking, you can take advantage of features like geofencing marketing, local ads, and live events in your area. This is especially useful for local businesses that have physical locations like spas, gyms, and dentists. Don’t leave yourself limited to the same old techniques. Try new methods to drive traffic with localized marketing campaigns.

When it comes to modern technology and marketing, they go in hand. No longer is the world as separated as it once was. Today, the internet, AI, and programming have all made it easier and more important to integrate your approach to marketing. By making the most of it, you can win more customers and avoid being outrun by the competition. So utilize the tips above and stay ahead of the curve in your industry.


by: Dennis Hung