The arrival of cloud storage has cut down on a lot of anxiety and worry. Saving files on a hard drive comes with risks. Putting those same files in the cloud ensures copies of files won’t be lost if a laptop’s physical hard drive is somehow ruined. And then there are more expansive uses for the cloud. Entire IT networks operate in that virtual void. Moving an IT network to the cloud also transfers various duties and responsibilities required for maintaining both hardware and software.

Despite the benefits of cloud storage, not all anxiety and worry disappears though. Legitimate concerns do exist about how safe information stored on the cloud might truly be. Perhaps it would be a good idea to seriously address concerns over cloud storage safety.

Access to the Servers

In the cloud, data is stored on servers. When you access your files in the cloud, you open up a doorway to the server. Access to the cloud storage server requires both an account and a password. So, access to the content and information becomes restricted. One person does have access to the data on that server: an employee of the cloud storage company. Obviously, the company has to maintain the ability to enter its own servers. And then there are third-party vendors who may work with the company.

Technically, this means you can’t completely restrict access to the cloud. For small businesses or even individuals storing financial data, this may prove worrisome. Thankfully, legitimate cloud storage services work hard at maintaining security. A publicized security breach wouldn’t exactly help a cloud storage company attract new clients. For this reason and more, many cloud storage companies invest heavily in security.

 Take Additional Steps

Don’t always rely on others. Accept certain responsibilities in order to further enhance security. Purchasing a password encryption program to make it difficult for someone to sign into your cloud storage account. That’s a fairly simple step. There are others to take as well.

Investing in fraud detection with Confluent could be another way to add more protection and security. Sadly, cloud storage servers can be targeted by individuals with an intent to commit fraud. Malicious acts could involve using the server to commit payment fraud, stealing an identity, and more. Hiring a service capable of monitoring for fraud and other illicit behaviors could put a huge roadblock up in front of criminals.

Retaining the services of a credit monitoring and identity theft company could deliver further assistance. Any illicit activity undertaken in your name or social security number might be quickly flagged by such services. Has someone overseas tried to withdraw money from your account? You probably won’t find out in time unless a monitoring service is on the job.

Also, be sure to put a lot of careful thought into what particular cloud storage company you select.

 Work with Reliable Cloud Storage Companies

The technology industry sees startups arrive on the scene with consistent frequency. Many tech entrepreneurs come up with new ideas or new ways to improve an established service. The cloud storage world is not excluded from seeing new arrivals stake a claim on the business landscape. Not every company, however, may be up to the task of storing data at proper security levels.

Human nature leads people to wish to save money. Attractive deals on cloud storage pull many potential customers in. So do promises about the best service and cutting-edge technology. Startups love to promote attributes such as these.

Don’t be so easily led by a company’s marketing ploys. Look closely at the credibility of any cloud storage firm you consider. This way, you can increase the chances of signing up with a truly reliable and legitimate company.


by: Dennis Hung