Self-awareness is one of the leadership competencies. It is among the least discussed skills but carries a lot of weight. A manager who practices self-awareness is always consciously knowing what he is good at and admits what he does not know. Such leaders accept their mistakes and requests for help in areas where they have weaknesses. On the contrary, the majority of the executives hold on to the belief that a leader should know everything. This myth makes leaders who are not self-aware to pretend to know all that happens.

It is imperative for managers to be honest with themselves. Pretending not to have certain weaknesses does not mean that they don’t exist. In fact, everyone else sees them. People who try to conceal their shortcomings end up highlighting them. Pretending not to be weak on things that you cannot handle makes other people perceive you as a person of no integrity and self-awareness.

The following are ways that can help you to create self-awareness with your employees.

1.Lead by example

A leader who practices self-awareness will always be involved in trailing the objective of the organization. You should not set goals that are impossible or difficult to accomplish for the employees. A self-aware manager should not always be defensive and avoiding confrontations. A self-aware manager gives employees room to honestly express their feelings and opinions about the organization’s goals. Employees feel valued and part of faring the firm better. As a manager, you better admit to the mistakes that you are responsible and as a result, employees will respect and emulate you.

 2.Obtaining feedback

You need to inquire from your employees on how they perceive you actively. Select a few employees who you feel that they can give you honest responses to your inquiries. Let them express themselves on how they see, understand and feel for you. You can also mission to receive a 360 feedback response from them. Collect all their answers then sit down and analyze them carefully and soberly. Come up with well detailed information about you that will help you improve your self-awareness.

3.Determine and recognize your areas of strength and weakness

Managers who wish to enhance their self-awareness should take the appropriate time to study the traits that could be their strengths. You need to observe your behaviors or habits with your employees that you think could be your weaknesses. As a leader, you should also internalize the things that are priorities to you especially when you handle your employees. Plans and future goals and dreams can even describe who exactly you are. Observing yourself keenly can help you understand how you behave under specific situations. After observation, take down detailed notes about the things you found. Use the records to come up with some new experiences that you intend to undertake. Test yourself with some psychological tests such as the Predictive Index and the Myers-Briggs.

4.Listening to your innermost

Sometimes it is wise to lock yourself in a room or find a lonely, quiet place and meditate on yourself. Being a manager, set some time to contemplate on how you interact with your employees. Let the things that you ponder about be exclusively honest. Enough meditation can help you realize the things you do in the right way and the ones that you go wrong. Consider your employees’ behaviors upon you too. The things your employees like or fear sharing with you can a speak a bunch about how they perceive you. Improve the positive ones and work on the negatives.

Self-awareness is a valuable leadership tool that affects not only the individual or employee but the entire company. It is always wise to work on our self-awareness virtual with sincerity. A manager with improved self-awareness is likely to help the organization scale to higher levels. Cooperation and coordination in an organization depend heavily on how employees relate to their bosses.


Author Bio:  Jeremy is a tech and business writer from Simi Valley, CA. He’s worked for Adobe, Google, and himself. He lives for success stories, and hopes to be one someday.