If you run a company, then you need to keep morale high. Without motivated employees, it is impossible to get anything done, especially anything of high quality. Your employees simply won’t give you their best work if they are tired or unmotivated, and will not put in the after hours required for some bigger projects. So use entertainment in your company to boost morale, which can help in the following ways:

Let Creativity Loose

When people are having fun, their morale raises, by and large in part due to the fact that they feel more creative. When people are creative, the brain releases chemicals like dopamine that inspire good feelings and an urge to do something innovative. This can lead to a breakthrough for a new product or insight.

Find entertaining ways to bring out the inner creativity in your team. Try a game night, or even brainstorming sessions in the office. Consider doing what Google does, giving employees ten percent of their time on the clock to dedicate to their own projects and feel like they have autonomy, all of which can boost morale.

Nutrition and Fun Snacks

If your company is based in a metropolis, you probably have an abundance of fast food and delivery restaurants around you. And it’s easy to fall into the trap of ordering from these every day when you’re working hard and don’t have a lot of time for lunch. However, this can have a negative effect on productivity and morale.

When your team eats more healthy, they will have more energy left over to apply themselves to your company. This is especially true after lunch, when most of your staff is probably fogged up from empty carbs they consumed over their break. Snacks can be fun too: insert a vending machine, have tasty treats or light candies, and even consider having some kind of prize pool at the end of the week where the winner gets $10 to spend on their favorite snack.


When people are being entertained, it creates a social atmosphere. Add a few drinks to the mix and combine it with happy hour to have a regular event at your company that brings everyone together.

When they feel like they can connect and truly be on the same team, they will have each other’s backs for key projects and be more likely to collaborate. This lets you achieve synergy, where the machine is greater than the sum of its parts.

Fun Equals Better Learning and Results

No one wants to feel like improvement is a chore. When you combine entertainment with learning and training, people will be more receptive to it and take to it faster. This shortens training time and leaves a better lasting impression. Even fun and entertaining things like games, toys from megalopolis, or cool rewards can change things up and make your employees more excited about coming in to work.


Every successful community in the history of the world has had some form of entertaining. That is because gathering around to have fun is a communal act in and of itself. When your team has fun together, they are creating lasting bonding experiences that they can carry with them throughout their career with you for higher morale and commitment to their goals.

Culture and Recruiting

Everyone wants to work for the cool company on the block. It boosts morale because they are happy to go to their job every day. They also want to boast about it to their friends and share their stories.

When your team can share stories of how they had an entertainment act come into the company, they will post more on social media. In turn, this helps you recruit other top talent onto your team that can help you excel in different ways.

All work and no play makes your company fall into disarray. You need to be productive within the confines of your objectives, but you can insert entertainment into the mix for even better results. Use the methods above and you will soon see how having more fun with your employees can lead to more fulfillment and productivity at the same time.


by: Mikkie Mills