World is dramatically change in every field of life. People are advance and modern according to changing the environment. In past, majority of people choose the profession of Doctors, engineers, pilots and etc. Now mass communication is a field in which people can take interest. Mass communication is a field or job in which a person telling a news or story with the use of different strategies. The study of this field is centered on how news persuades and effect on the views and behavior of the individual or group of people getting the content. From last few years, the growth of this field is increase rapidly. It is a study of communication in which people give our own opinion with solid reference.

Today’s Life with Emerging Media  
Mass communication is playing a key role for everyone. Modern world is dependent on this field. This world is full of different media communication system such as television, radio, news papers, social media, blog post and many other media channels. More educational institute offers this course and develop human as a professional writer and journalist.

How Emerging Media Change The Way Of Business Marketing
Business is a major sector in every part of world that develops the country. The growth of every business is depending on marketing. Mass communication is a field that is very useful for business marketing. Large scale businesses are more relying on television ads, websites and other heavy investment marketing channels. On the other hand, small businesses are also having many resources to market our product such as free classified ads, blog post. Almost every business use different communication channels for our products and services marketing. Before 20 years, news paper and radio are the source of marketing that are very costly and gives limited service of marketing. All these marketing needs are increase the job opportunities related different fields such as administration, human resource, management, accounting and many others.

Benefits of Emerging Media Through Television channels
New Televisions channels are introduce rapidly that give lots of job opportunities for thousands of people. People who have a degree of mass communication; they are working as a journalist. On the other hand, there are many job availabilities in different department of TV channels such as management, administration lower staff etc. population is increase very quickly and unemployment rate is also raise in different countries but these television channels are very useful to giving different jobs and decrease the rate of unemployment.

Benefits of Emerging Media Through Mobile companies
From last 15 years, mobile manufacture companies are increase very quickly all over the world. Almost, every individual use mobile for communication. This is very useful technology in which people can talk anyone anytime with lots of other features. These companies provide many opportunities of job for mass communication professionals. There are also many other jobs related management, administration, finance and other labor jobs.

In conclusion, from last 20 years, Rapid growth of different media channels and fields are very effective to decrease the rate of unemployment.

Author Bio
Marry Williams  is a marketing Manager. He is working in a Television channel. He has 4 years experience in media marketing. He writes many articles to share our knowledge and experience with Research Paper papa public. Currently, he is researching on unemployment rate of this word.