Dubai is taking an initiative to develop certain computer technology such as 3D printer’s and the use of different smart devices like cellular phones is rising. Technological development has grown tremendously with an ever-increasing smartphone app demand that Dubai fulfills for phone companies like Samsung and Apple. Just the use of a Wi-Fi in a public place such as a Dubai City Mall does not mean that the locality is high tech.

In Dubai practice of the latest methods of digital transformation that plagues the streets is recurrent and has improved the overall image. Another aspect of Arabian Business is inculcating the city with technology that forms an essential part of its heritage. In fact, UAE is a leading dealer of mobile phones, as well as other Electronics Technology such as laptops and house, hold electronic items.

A smart city is what is labeled as a useful name that Dubai has now attained and wants to be one of the best cities comparatively to New York and Chicago in the United States. Digital government systems, as well as other electronic and computerized locations such as Malls and workplaces, make Dubai a good contender for Digital technology promotion.

More technological breakthroughs are;improving security and remote monitoring infrastructure, such as power grids, are used to designing entire cities based on 3D simulations named as simplistic methods in technological adaptation in the 21st century. This has reduced unexpected problems that emerged in the 80’s when there was no technology available.

 Impact of Technology on the Life of Dubai, Reflective to Honduras

The outlook of a more modernized city is one that possesses larger and modern buildings to reflect the image it has. Urbanization has rapidly accelerated through the past decade and making of more cities smart like Estonia, Honduras city project. They are bringing up mega cities and still recurrent with an increasing population as it develops.The social and economic structures, as well as environmental differences, are what reflect the cities perception.

A more idealistic city is one which is compact and constrained and has better facilities as well as management of resources to an ideal extent according to requirements. Also, the city’s financial center and telecommunication methodhave transformed into one that people desire to be part of. Interconnectivity is also a technological movement and gets more downpour into the Metropolis Dubai.

Urban planning is upholstered and making the surroundings clean to live in, through machines is carried out byremoving dust from the streets. Use of machines to get the pool cleaned or other glass made buildings look crystal clear every day is a part of Dubai’s technological development. A rapid boost has resulted in Digital technology expansion through the past half a century and an ever-increasing need for better and more modern homes are planned in Dubai through use of high tech methods.

How Technology Is Changing the UAE

The use of special cars or limousines makes Dubai an attractive location where you will crave to travel no matter what your stereotypes might be. It is an extremely attractive transportation service used in moving football players to stadiums with ease. Being a hub for high tech and large-sized vehicles, Dubai makes the world wonder how they got to this position from a dessert suburb to a modern city a lot has change in last five years as significant innovation can be noticed all around Arabic countries as they are having the most attractive lifestyle.

Bullet trains are the fastest mass transporter which gets you from one end to the other of the city within a few minutes. Software’s are used to provide you tickets to travel by train and the construction was accurately made with ACAD design and specially funded Mechanical Engineering research provided to scientists who are involved in constructing these bullet trains.

The Impact of Technology on Dubai’s City Initiatives

Where driverless cabs were introduced in Silicon Valley, California, an initiative was taken by Dubai to have these cabs in the city to transport people. It is among the smart cities and it is to be nominated as a leading one in 2020 to show a rapidly growing nation more modern to most of the cities in the Middle East and in the Muslim World.

 UAE Aims To Be World Hub for Technology

Air transportation is available throughout the week and 24 hours a day, at economical rates, to be used as a convenientcarriage, moving at quick speeds to travel as it saves time. Getting the use of copters operating from different locations in the city Dubai,serves as high techairbornecarriages, to make people reach their destinations.


by: Muhammad Shoabi