Life is astonishingly intimidating profundity of the nature. It beholds all the inspirations of the aroused and the desperation of the mitigated souls. It is very weird combination of the simultaneous parallel and the oxymoronic feelings and the expressions of the body, a body which emancipates the most jolting juncture of moderating and disturbing energies.

Life since its inception has been traveling through the nourishments of the beginnings and the endings. Life has nurtured both components the building ones and the destructive ones too. It knows very well how to have the process of progress and to scripture the curt attitude of regression. So, to whom social inferiority has dusted morally for them life has nurtured a new beginning in the womb of social mobility. Through this one can ignite ones own independent social norm in a society for becoming a lesson for social superiority.

Those to whom the acerbic shadow of life has engulfed into the never ending mode of demotivation, life has kept the articulated light and hope in the form of successful souls. To failure pragmatic hard work is the new beginning. Those are battered under the cultural cum civilizational fetters , for them life has always put the content of peace through the virtue of ideological reformation.

All the psychological reformed societies in EAST and WEST are the rational example to be followed for the new beginning. Those who are or will be handcuffed in the borrowed expectations and aims of parents, for them life has placed the audacious avenues in life by adopting the positivity of passion and goal guidance in the form of possibilities of impossibilities.

This virtual concept of life can easily break the barriers for nascent students. Those who are expelled from the barred block of love for having some darker and misconducted habits, for them life has always put mild light in the form of realization remorse and a valuation to be in the beginning of to be loved.

Those who are rejected due to any genius abnormality, for them life has paved the beginning on the path of rehearsing ingenuity. Respectively life has always kept the rebirth for the ended birth. Hence, life is name of to and fro of beginning and end.

by: Shahbaz Ali Bhuto
( Writer is Freelance Blogger based in Pakistan )